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Three children at Beitner School-1930-Grade 1.
Five children, four boys and one girl, in period clothes standing in an field with trees in the background. Attached note reads, " Beitner School, '29, Grade 5".
Black and white photograph of two 8th grade students, Bill McGarry and Bobbie Monroe, with their teacher Florence Emerson, at Beitner School, 1929.
Black and white photograph of the Teacher and group of students standing outside Beitner School with a typed note that says, " Beitner School Spring '29".
Black and white photograph of a group of students and their teacher standing outside of Beitner School in 1929.
Six children taken outside, with an attached note reading "Beitner School '29 Grade 2"
Harry Rose, a beginner at Beitner School in 1930
Group of children and teacher, Florence Emerson, at Beitner school in 1930.
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