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Interior of Case and Croster Mill, a significant lumber mill in Kingsley, Michigan at the turn of the 20th century. Pictured with machinery are four unidentified men.
Miss Ella Snyder, September 12, 1878.
Mrs. Irwin (Elizabeth) Crotser and son, Harold Crotser, undated.
Irwin and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Crotser, undated. Irwin is brother to Joe Crotser.
Merle Crotser, undated. Son of Joe and Ella Crotser.
Mrs. (Joe) Ella Crotser and daughters, Florence and Lena and son, Merle Crotser, undated.
Joseph O. Crotser, undated. Father of Lena, Florence, and Merle Crotser.
Lena Crotser and her father, Joseph Crotser, undated.
Crotser Lumber and Fuel building with Lloyd Mc Donald in front, undated. Owned by Merle Crotser.
Florence Crotser, undated. Daughter of Joe and Ella Crotser.
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