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Aerial view of Clinch Park and marina.
Two Peck postcards of the miniature city in Clinch Park. a) Portion of Miniature City b) Miniature Pere Marquette Station
Photo of birds sitting on buildings in Miniature City
Photo of Miniature City at night
Four photos of Park Place Hotel in Miniature City
Three photos and negatives of finished miniature buildings in workshop
Two photos of men working on St. Francis Church Miniature. 1) L to R: Unidentified, Fred Nink, Fred Scheidel 2) Two unidentified men
Photo of train and State Police Station in Miniature City
Photo of Front Street, Miniature City
Four photos of buildings in Miniature City and a collection of negatives. 1)Power plant and other buildings 2)Church 3)Traverse City State Bank and Hannah-Lay building 4) Boardman School building in residential neighborhood
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