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Photo on left of Baptist Resort at Greilickville, Mi. , with tower detaching.
The Darrow's had a smaller marina across from Darrow Park at the south end of West Bay earlier. The facility was also owned by the Rennie family.
J. E. Greilick Sash and Door factory. Pictures 1,2,3, and 6 show the exterior of the factory. Picture 4 shows the installation, or perhaps reinstallation, of a smokestack on the factory. Picture 5 shows a decorative window sash being prepared for…
A color postcard of an early auto passing over a bridge on West Shore Road in Greilickville and children on a boat in the creek, 1908-1917. Looking north.
Black and white photograph of a lumber schooner ready to load, probably at the Greilickville mill, 1905.
Color photograph of the site of the former Norris Gristmill in Greilickville, Leelanau County, Michigan. Notation on the back of the image indicates that this photograph was taken in 1979, and that the site was converted to a private residence about…
Black and white photograph of the ship "North American" at Traverse City. It is moored at the Rennie Oil Company Marine dock in Greilickville.
The "Diamond Alkali" delivering coal to the coal dock in Greilickville on West Bay.
Aerial Photo of Rennie Oil Co.tank farm and Sinclair Refining Co. tank farm, both set west of M-22 in Greilickville. West Arm Grand Traverse Bay can be seen at the bottom right of the photo.
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