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Migrant workers, after the harvest, would throw a party with dancing and festive dress. Workers would also go into Traverse City to celebrate.

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Migrant workers, including the Cavaos and DeLeon families, in the cherry field of Fred Carroll's Cherry Farm on Old Mission Peninsula.

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Joe Cavasos and family and other migrant workers heading to the fields to harvest the cherry crop at Fred Carroll's Cherry Farm on Old Mission Peninsula

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Migrant cherry workers arriving from San Antonio at Fred Carroll's Cherry Farm on Old Mission Peninsula

Migrant worker's children making their First Holy Communion at St. Joseph's Catholic Church on Old Mission Peninsula.

The Cavasos-Caroll Connection.mp4
Tim Carroll presents a slideshow discussing the seasonal migrant workers who came to his family's farm from 1935-1960.

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A group of farm laborers and their children sit in the back of a truck on Fred Carroll's cherry farm

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Shoppers walk in a dirt parking lot full of trucks and cars in downtown Traverse City, Michigan with the Lyric (State) Theater and Park Place in the background.

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Two groups of migrant farm laborers stand in the back of trucks at Fred Carroll's cherry farm on Old Mission Peninsula

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Joesephine Cavasos, a migrant cherry picker, stands in the back of a truck with a group of children at Fred Carroll's Cherry Farm.
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