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The 'Red Wings' (most likely a baseball team of Native Americans) of Crescent City, North Manitou Island, Mich.
A roadway on N. Manitou Island, Mich.
First load of logs, Manitou Train Company, Smith & Hull RR, James White at left & Jeremy Cody leaning on the engine.
Picture of the Life Saving Station, dock, and some of the resort cottages on N. Maniotou Island.
Josephine Dresden" on the beach at Crescent, N. Manitou Island
Smith & Hull's General Store, Crescent City, on North Manitou Island, Mich.
Unk. woman in front of slab houses in winter.
A train on the Smith & Hull Railroad, Crescent City area on North Manitou Island, Mich.
A beach and bluff on North Manitou Island, Mich. In the distance, across Lake Michigan, is South Manitou Island.
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