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Pere Marquette head on train wreck near Mabel, MI.
Black and white photograph of a 1924 coal train wreck near Sabin Dam.
Black and white photograph of the Pere Marquette railroad Roundhouse ruins, Traverse City, Michigan. Fire was March 16, 1907.
Black and white photograph of Reuben and Ethel DeTour in the restaurant they operated near the Traverse City Iron Works and the Pere Marquette railroad line from 1936-1942. The exact location is not known.
The "Cherry Land Special" train leaving Traverse City with Cherry Queen Signe Holmer of Manistee at the throttle. 17 car loads of cherries from the area where headed to markets throughout the country.
The "High Bridge" over the Manistee River.
Train wreck at Mable.
Campers arriving and leaving at the Interlochen depot on the Pere Marquette railroad.
The National High School Orchestra Camp, National Music Camp, Interlochen Arts Academy, and Interlochen Center for the Arts are all names used over the years for…
Interlochen Depot and tower serving the two railroads. The train is coming on the C&WM (later the Pere Marquette) line headed east toward Traverse City.
Interlochen was platted in 1890 where the M&NE and C&WM railroads crossed. It quickly became…
Pere Marquette train crossing the Manistee River on the High Bridge forty miles south of Traverse City.
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