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Describes the collected Paradise Township School Records, 1896-2002.
Black and white photographic postcard of the high school in Williamsburg, Acme Township, Grand Traverse County. The date that appears on the building facade is 1922.
17 male students and 18 female students lined up and dressed formally.
Landscape of St. Mary's School building. It has three stories and a basement.
Karlin school. This building was in the village but is gone now.
Karlin was a stop on the M&NE railroad at the south end of Green Lake. It had a depot for shipping agricultural products from Grant Township and acted as the center of a community…

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2 black and white photograph postcards. Pictured are Berta Stinberg and Lema Persson, both with writing on the back, one a personal note, some of it in Swedish. One postcard is addressed to Hesel Olson and contains the following message: Smalla Hesel…
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