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Ralph & Ruth Wilhelm with granddaughter Katie in Centennial dress.
Photocopy of picture of 1885 State Hospital Station Wagon. The picture was taken during the Traverse City Centennial celebration 1947.
A postman (apparrently) delivering mail to a house.
Traverse City Centennial beard contestants.
Man standing next to vintage Buick and Velocipede in what may be an auto showroom.
Print, photographic postcard of 7 men in front of a Locomotive and logging wheels at TC Centennial.
11 black & white snapshots of the 1947 Centennial Parade (1255.012713.02 - a-k)
Photo of wagon train, part of the Traverse City centennial celebration.
Photos of John Hoard, Betty & Leonard Pratt showing the men's beards before and after shaving and Betty's period dress for the parade. Also pictures are the Beard Derby contestant card and drawing card.
1. Leonard Pratt & John Hoard
2. Same,…
Traverse City Centennial celebration. Old mission residents: Mary Shavey, Irene Terry, Pluma Kitchen, Jean Svec, Mable Burton, Kay Kitchen and Sue Terry watching; Joe Steffes, Jim Steffes, Barbara Lardie and Beverly Wiederoder walk, in costume,…
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