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Group of ladies in old style dresses for the 1947 Traverse City Centennial. The 6th woman from the left is Jean (Nelson) Comstock. The 5th woman from the left is Marie Martineau, co-owner of Dill's tavern and restaurant in that year. According to…
Black and white photographic postcard of a group of three men and three women in 19th century period costume. They are in costume for the Traverse City Centennial Celebration that took place from June 29th through July 5th, 1947. They are standing in…
Black and white photograph of Traverse City Centennial Celebration, 1947, Queen Hobbs.
Black and white postcard of seven men in front of the Con Foster Museum from the Traverse City Centennial, June 29 - July 5, 1947.
Print, Phtotgraphic postcard of men and women in historical costume standing in a parlor during the TC Centennial
Hal & Ibrena Elliott in Centennial dress.
The Traverse City State Hospital Station Wagon, built in 1885 by the Petertyl Wagon Works on State Street. The wagon was displayed during the 1948 Centennial celebration
12 black & white snapshots of the 1947 Centennial Parade (1255.012713.01 - a-l)
Print, Photographic postcard from TC Centennial of 7 men at a playground on the beach
Traverse City Centennial celebration. Old mission residents: Mary Shavey, Irene Terry, Pluma Kitchen, Jean Svec, Mable Burton, Kay Kitchen and Sue Terry watching; Joe Steffes, Jim Steffes, Barbara Lardie and Beverly Wiederoder walk, in costume,…
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