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Black and white portrait of unidentified male, ca. 1900.

McWethy, M/M George

Shoulders-up portrait of a light-skinned, curly-haired woman wearing a plain, dark dress shirt and a stripped scarf. She's also wearing a choker necklace decorated with a small cross.
Portrait shows Mr. Holley's face and shoulders. He is a white, balding man with a styled mustache.
Portrait of Merril.
Richard Round has his hands in the pockets of his sailor suit, staring beyond the camera.
A man sits for his portrait in front of curtains. He's wearing a dark suit with a noticeable gingham pocket square
Mrs. Wright poses in a modest dress with a bustle. She is holding an umbrella and hat in one hand and resting the other on a wooden fence behind her.
Unidentified man in front of a blank background. He is possibly wearing a clerical collar.
An unknown girl wearing a dress with a bow.


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