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Colored postcard of shuffle board courts, with many players and a milling crowd, located in Traverse City.
Color photographic postcard of "T.C. 250 Snowmobile Track, 4 miles South of Traverse City, Mich. The annual T.C. 250 held in mid-January draws tens of thousands to view 50 of the Midwests (sic) finest snowmobiles and drivers, as they compete for over…

Color photographic postcard of Traverse City Golf and Country Club, taken in the 1960s. On back of postcard, "One of Michigan's finest 18 hole golf courses, with watered fairways. Beautiful new clubhouse, modern bar and dining facilities serving the…

Color photograph postcard of "Holiday Hills Ski Area, 5 miles East of Traverse City, Michigan. With a beautiful rustic lodge, 13 ski runs and seven tows, this is truly one of Michigan's most popular ski areas. There is expert ski instruction, a ski…


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