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Exterior, hilly golf course. A sign nearby advertises the Traverse City Country Club.
This is a manuscript written by Mary Rutner describing the immigration of the Bohemians to the Traverse City area. It was written in 1923-1924 and revised in 1943. It gives some background and then begins the discussion with the first immigration…
Colored postcard image of the Grand Traverse County Courthouse (court house) and Jail, on Washington and Boardman Streets, ca. 1907.
Colored postcard image of a stone fountain in Traverse City. In the background is Grand Traverse Bay and the Traverse City Aquarium, on the Clinch Park Zoo property.
Postcard photograph of corner of Front and Union Streets, downtown Traverse City.
Colored postcard image made of composite shots of water scenes along the Grand Traverse Bay shoreline.
Colored postcard image of Traverse City as seen from Grand Traverse Bay with picturesque breaking waves in foreground.
Manuscript copy of "Our City Parks," by Martin A. Melkild. Melkild published several works in his lifetime on local history, family history, and military-related stories, and he served as a Forester for the City of Traverse City, Parks and Recreation…
Color photograph of a Plat map of downtown Traverse City in 1895.
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