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The farm of Frank Kratochvil which was located on Grandview Road in Leelanau County. The Kratochvil Brewery was also located on the property. It was frequently used by the local Bohemian community for picnics prior to 1912. This photograph is of 32 women and children posed outside. Accompanying documentation identifies the people as follows:
Rear from left to right: Minnie Pollack, Chicago, IIlinois (girl in white); Mrs Victor Petertyl, Milton and Julius Petertyl's grandmother, (in black); Mrs. John Shadak; Mrs. Anna Joseph Urban; Bertha Petertyl, Leslie Petertyl's aunt; three unknowns; Mrs. Rose Albert George Petertyl; three unknowns.

Middle row left to right: Unknown; Julia Pollack, Chicago, Illinois; Mrs. Emma Albert Petertyl, Milton, Julius and Willard Petertyl's mother; unknown; Alice Petertyl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Albert George Petertyl; Mrs. Carrie Albert Commodore Petertyl, mother of Emanuel, Ernest and Leslie; unknown, Emanuel Petertyl; two unknowns.

Front row left to right: Milton Petertyl, son of Emma and Albert T. Petertyl; four unknowns; Anna Turek, daughter of Mrs. Joseph Urban(Anna is sitting in front of Emma). The lady in white second from the left is Mrs. Mary Hanslovsky, wife of Charles Hanslovsky.

Included with the documentation on the photographs are descriptions of the following family relationships.

The girls, Minnie Pollack, Julia Pollack and Anna Turek are Mrs. Katherine(Victor) Petertyl's grandchildren. Albert T. Petertyl's sister's nieces.

Minnie and Julia Pollack's mother was Katherine Petertyl Pollack, Albert T. Petertyl's sister.

Anna Turek is Anna Petertyl Turek Urban's daughter from her first marriage.


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