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Possible Native American camp meeting site near Northport.
b&w portriat of Harold Findlay Boone as a young man - 1930's. (Description on photo mentions that he was deaf.)
Picture of Jakob Witkop and Pieterke Jager on 40th Wedding anniversary
The "Bingham Titanic" either tied up or ashore at Bingham with "passengers". The Bingham sawmill is in the background.
Black and white photograph of a sign with a map of Leelanau County at the corner of M22 and M72. (The sign was made by the Day Sign company.) 1918-1925.
Black and white Wedding photograph of William Ezo Boone and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Roxy (Hill) Boone, May 2, 1908.
Black and white photograph of logging in Leelanau County in the winter.
Black and white postcard of Suttons Bay harbor and docks.
Color photograph of a Catholic Church, probably Holy Rosary Church at Isadore in Leelanau County.
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