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Possible Native American camp meeting site near Northport.
Northport Indian church and congregation. Some people are identified in attached pictures.
Black and white photograph of Northport Harbor with L-R: Emma Thompson (far left behind Columbia, just the smokestack is showing) , Columbia, City of Grand Rapids, Alice M.Gill and City of Charlevoix. The Lawrence is behind the three at the right…
Empire State at Northport

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Northport seventh grade: A. Huddleton, L. Hoy, R. Steele, J. Delzell, V. Craker, B. Kelchick, L. Bussy, J. Carresi, Jrufly, H. Kelcherman, E & A. Kelchick, O Egler, T. Putman, D. Cassidy, D. Bramah, J. Fredrickson, L. Carlson, I Rogers, M. Ennis, B.…
Photograph of three women standing by the water near the Grand Traverse Lighthouse in Northport. The one on the left is Emma Meckel, and the one on the right is Minnie Meckel. The woman in the middle is not identified.
Photograph of three women standing near the shore at the Grand Traverse Lighthouse in Northport dated August 22, 1915. They are identified from left to right as Minnie Petertyl, and her aunts, Emma Meckel and Minnie Meckel.
The boat "S.S. Puritan", Northport. MI.
Northport Beach Hotel, destroyed by fire early in the 1900's.
Clarence Andrews waiting to take the stage to Northport. It carried both mail and passengers in this covered sleigh, or stagecoach, during the winter months.
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