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football team, t.h.s. (?) 1902

Traverse City Senior High School, Class of 1961 commencement photo of Polly Cluff.

A- Three photographs of the cast of the 1960 production of "Silver Whistle" during a rehearsal or a performance.
B- A photograph of Les Biederman, Al Barnes and and unidentified gentleman on a television talk show set in the 1950's
C- A photograph…
Central School teacher Mr. Waldron and his students working on shop projects and a group picture outside the school.
b&w portriat of Harold Findlay Boone as a young man - 1930's. (Description on photo mentions that he was deaf.)
Georgia Peet who graduated from Traverse City High School in 1922.
Traverse City High School Band.
Black and white photograph of Traverse City High School class of 1898. It is a collage of the students, including names of each student.
Black and white photograph of Traverse City High School, ca 1890.
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