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Central School teacher Mr. Waldron and his students working on shop projects and a group picture outside the school.
A small crowd of people are looking up at Central School's main building, after the destructive fire but before any of the interior has been rebuilt
Black and white postcard of Central School after the 1934 fire, looking East.
Black and white postcard of an aerial view of Central School, ca. 1950.
Black and white photograph of an overview of the Central neighborhood taken from the tower of the Central School, 1875-1900. The old St. Francis Church spire can be seen to the right of center.
Black and white photograph of a costumed 'Batman' and 'Robin', on back seat of a convertible, next to costumed children, on Pine Street, in front of Central School.
Traverse City Central school classroom.
Central School in Traverse City. Teacher and students.
Traverse City School Bus # 7 outside Central School
Traverse City Central School, man reading in the library.
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