Carolyn Gay Taft Farm Letter - September 30, 1931

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Carolyn Gay Taft Farm Letter - September 30, 1931


Old Mission Peninsula (Mich.)
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Carolyn Gay Taft (1873-1952), was the owner of a small cherry farm on Old Mission Peninsula in the early 1900’s. While she spent her summers on the Peninsula, her primary job as a teacher at the Illinois State School for the Deaf required hired hands to run the farm in her absence. These farmers, and their families, lived on the farm and sent frequent written reports to Ms. Taft. Most letters are written by the farmer’s wives, and provide a record of both agricultural and social history.


Ralph Kitchen, Joseph Kitchen, Essie Kitchen, Max Gilmore, Hazel Gilmore


Collection donated to Peninsula Community Library by the surviving members of the Taft family.


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Mary T Morgan


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Traverse City, Peninsula Township, Grand Traverse County, Michigan



Old Mission, Michigan Sept. 30th 1931

My dear Miss. Taft: -

You will begin to think I've forgotten you but I certainly have not. Thanks many times for the stockings hope to find time some day to start a rug. But have been very busy every day with a lot of good things in the garden that needed attention right away. have most of my cans full. and nearly two bushels of beans all threshed. It was lots of hard work because I did it by hand. Its nice to be prepared for winter.

We have had some dreadful electric storms since you left the roads have been in the worst condition I've ever seen them. the road crews are still trying to clean the sand out where it was carried into the road bed. other places was washed out so badly that we have lots more land in our apple orchards now. They say the Wunsch farm was left in bad shape. some places they can't get thru' with a tractor.

JOseph has been very busy trying to get things in shape for winter got our corn all cut now and ready to husk.

The Peoples Saving Bank + First National bank are going to combine in order to keep going a person can't get their money out to use so its going to make every thing much worse than it has been. We were called to a Bank meeting they had on Monday evening in Traverse City. Maybe every thing will come out all right. If we don't lose our savings.

Some time in the near future we intend to see Mr. Lardie and find out what they are going to do for Mi. Cherry Grower. But suppose they will be dumb as usual. Roy Hooper is selling cherries for M.C. Growers and they hope to be able to get four cents for the grower. If we get .03 cents we will be lucky this year.

I hardly know how to write you a letter now since we aren't working for you as I usually had farm news. Its hard for me to get used to this place.

Mrs. Lardie had Ladies aid at her house today so I went. We had a very nice time. The lunch was very good but some how she got kerosine in the sugar so our first cup of coffee was spoiled.

My thumb is so sore I can hardly hold the pen to write so please excuse the hen tracks.

I am very sorry Alberta didn't get over to see me before she left. I waited all day and hoped to be up before you left.

Am very tired so must go to bed now so as to be ready for [xxxxx] tomorrow as there is lots more to do.

Thanks again for the package

With love Essie

P.S. Its been so hot here we nearly perished couldn't sleep nights am grateful for cooler weather. Have thought of you every day I miss your letters so much it was a habbit of 14 years so its hard to get over it.

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