The Morning Record, May 17, 1899

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The Morning Record, May 17, 1899


American newspapers--Michigan.
Grand Traverse County (Mich.)
Traverse City (Mich.)


Issue of "The Morning Record" Newspaper.


Contributors to the newspaper.


Microfilmed reproduction of this newspaper issue is held at the Traverse Area District Library, Traverse City (Mich.).


Bates, Thomas T. (1841-1912) and Hannen, John W. (1863-1940)




Traverse Area District Library, Traverse City (Mich.)


Excluding issues now in the public domain (1879-1923), Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. retains the copyright on the content of this newspaper. Depending on agreements made with writers and photographers, the creators of the content may still retain copyright. Please do not republish without permission.












Grand Traverse County, Michigan

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>«portod to Han Tlad on

sisrecraTMiniR.' Em&sniiTiLK

Om »»Ml Km ArtMtatf Boom Bsc
IW>Bi«a OhMc^ mtk


^roloria, TtmotmI. IU7 M-n«

April Wth.
Om Omm«1 BMdy to I
|«vtom U B« Om Om*)
Bom TU-

anm M Jnhopaiotwft tbamcmlsc
of OOTOB kllcfod formr Britlok ofltowa
cbarfod wlih blfb uoMOB. hM cooAd
lateoM Meltas'Bt. Tt« priuMn
»«ra broocbt to Pratoria bj • opoelal


Oot Tofothor

AfUr AOjoanmaat.

Two Onto.

sum 8> HER L0»EB.

we are moving

■oUlaVUclor ab<flThroticb ta« Trapic YccUrda.T KoMinr bb« (he
KarOoror Plod.

Gb(ob BopliU. Mieb.. Mtj

PIbb for BtBW LorUUUtB to Pbbc b '
I bnper UtIbc two nllM Bortb of DiBUI to OBbrnlt Toto to (Be PMpla »ood*l«. chot VolUe n*cl«r. Med ts.
Por B OoBBiitBlloBBl OoBVUUoa for , tbroBpb Ibe loBple at S o'clock tbU

Into the new wall paper room- and will ocen*
py just twice the space we did yesterday—Tomorrow
we will put on sale part of tbe big job lot of Wall
Paper we bought last week.

; Week.
: the eri»e wa* Jealoatr
BrteMwo OwfioO Vortb
*^*'***‘*^*®*®**^^ •*•*•**!♦• I
Mieh May IC —Capt Joe
Briunm eecaped and heaSed for L»n»
>e.—AdTlCM frms Omml Lowtool hMd^aftrtera »t Mm wbo)oli*ed.Boee»,.t.whlohltUa..}^i^holMB.'.upB-iBtBBdMt of tb« Do- ^ The.heriffai.dp0M. wcpt after
wa. for the parpoeo of ««,U.,
correctloa ba. bMO bm “‘a.
MV»elM7th*tAaiilB0ldobMa«d to. ora„ 1.
..«l. I
. i.,,, ^
to tbo pror^noa of Nam
»ad U

U.. U. S.
-bidlBrfrovthcAiBtrleaM. It U »l«> b. nteJIlo.
---------------to, lb.
„I w™,
dtkBl Um iBtuiTCBi Oramll .......
, prlBOBer. bbUI the b.w priMu In
Olrlkera Wm( Atm ImporMd
Oeorgia h completed. Seaator Wa*Mea With Oiuu aod
BCM dMBTtod hr (be PUipiBO goecro-1
I Ber a oppoeed (0 tbb a. be uy. U )• a
mot, BBd he dcBirw to eurreadM- If he
Dwth FoltoVMl
•cheme to gel id more coorict tabor to
BOB aecare what be reganlk a. boaor-j
able Urm. froBitbe Am
............ Ht,'»lor,4

Our assortment is as big as all other stocks in
in the city put together, and prices the lowest.


. Special Sale Today..
Bottle Furniture Polish.. .
2 quart Covered Tin Pail.



City Book Store,

earriage (1
b... ..o
u, .....u
dro. and nothing bM beea beard frai
berman Armted.
BIb 1b lha two WBvkt bIbM and It la
luru lutuna,*. ___ ■it’-_
bu i:ua.tivuctu* anu cev ,b..
uppuMd that be U bidlBg ID the .par- BMlaUd Oaocri Wbo Sought to lab. |
‘'Xreluracd Uc
kTina'oM of
B for Kefuaing Order of AtU
leral of Oaaadt
---------------- -------- *“ *““**»C-»P'>cl!!i
Kaa'a Xaiaad, B 0.
--------- —
•'ouadid Ncwguanlbli
bava bovB cBnicd to the oortbern
''J ht: oombiiUi-e oa judiciary ia the j bare been poncd about tho mlai-.
provlDce. where they bava beea aaat
The foilaWios from .rekicrdayV Cbtaeaatc have rrporte® out favorably
eago Tribune w
tbrjr-are beyosd Aaericu
Traverae City:
tbi* ■aaMB upleu tbi inuirgMU .orrr lhC..Ma,,:..--ThereWa,,:;";\^^^7,;,"^^^^^
WritM crTrarera.i;
ru) Iw'fouDd .«(Ur nr.
reader wftbla three week*.
BB aacillag IW today on Pead Nan.
„f tl.r ji..iec oouru Al«> Carton’, i
Boy* .n lb. Philippiaea .
Tbc laeurgcal baepiial orar haa lUboukt-tillik lluiiig wbai .hall j A letter fr.m Hruo*- fk-hoaeid. who!
<lrv i» reported to be orerw^elaaed
tule a nom^
hom4> ra-i
t-a-1 in certain
ucruin esemp
exemption [ went to Manila a> a member of the; a
- luie
wl’b woeadrd fr -nilbe t'liip uo
Third infantry, together with .l.yi' *
Pilar'e mala enbeiMence U bill «re
cwiFtn vu
-.•••u.v >v- >'''aser aod IViil La'amte. atab>« tU*t;J
tu l«e from Oeoerai LawU3P's troopa
«**. *
jportedout fivtirably.
1 the boy». er. -aon ap<! bate not beca i *
Tbe ladIgoailoD of the aaUce. ba.
forct d the kokurfeat g> ueral to cauntor men «ii<J twiya.
termaad ibelr order* that all -«m*gee
lower .obo,ulto,.;tn„b4 11 S»Ub. • l.-»rr^ lVd.o |i
[K'Dat aprad .
f"*'»> it'o d'l'ocri oav wi u,..JS
uicrjebeald be deelroyed by fire a. they
n. nud l».*rd lUr pi
*“ ?'
police AUmCraig. Ontario, Mylng ihat jbe
ie«„ war M-oliS
TVtreeled Tbc policy of tbe Amerl- laid band, ou him he. being a powerful ^ farmer, of Nlrib MMdieaea. Oni Ciud | ^^ey weno-aip.n.t duly
I •
.eaaa. who bace aot deetroyrd property,
knockrd them down, but ha wa* j their friend* Uore coming tu Lan*idg
t.-reaUQg a farorable impreeaioe Tbe ovarpowored, bU face bold in the mad.,on June SI lo viui the agrlcaUurai! ^
I • FCU.NtsUiNiiS
| euilcgu aod t>vg* tbc iluveznur to ad-' ttri-p I'y wUfi
t...4cce *ce (bat they hare beca iajured and tbe leoD* put on bim.
’ •••Bewwwai
Tl.e Faiuou*.
HU worlimen. out of aympatby. werej ilreaa the parip wbleb be uy» will cun-'
auwe by tbe iaeargcDU tbae Py tbe
preparing lo aaaiii their bom when uiu about IMfl peraom '
Klee AmerleaB prleoner. were car­ Atlornek Oenrral Martin read ibe riot ‘
------------Tnere 1* UlV tp day for ao extra aearied tbronfb llaii Mkirue) by tbe Fllip- act twice.
tiou directly aftecBdJmrDmeot for the
I.ndgata was taken
teo* la*t weok. Tbeir ^Msee eonld
jail bandeuffBe wa* offered liberation on bail, purpoee of pamlng a bill to submit the
•ot ba iMTsed.
ThU afler- vote to the people for a cun.litulion.l
re i4urnlag tbrougb bBt refavad to give ball.
Hmit b.Ucci
$1.UU a Month
hewaa allowed hU liberty un- coaveniion f. r the reviaion of Uic conthe AmerlcM Hoc* tAhelr borne.
! wlllauppiT fine ice for ibe aeaeon ,
Meesre Rarrick aad Bolmee have reiionally. Tbe DomlBion of Can­ stituUon. I'-lt claimed that there U
a^tSl.St prr iv.iiiUi. <*r Sl.iKiper moath |
tarael to the American llaea, havlag ada took DO actiiia today, but a trie- BO enacting elauar under *wbicb ibi*
beep reJaaaod by tbe ta.argeau They gram lo a local paper from Naoaimo ~aeealon could ; *ubm4, ine iiarHUon.
See the ele,rant line in my display window,
are Americaa eUi.ra. wbo were takca atate. a BritUb gao^t U battening Other* My Ib.t article Nuaeeviuu S prothen call in and pro6t by the attractive prices
a a way
Clerk Miti^ say. that the PlllplBoe Feb. S
Ac- to Vaneoaver. Tbik report I* not eonthere are loik of vMCling fi.u.ce be______ _______
wrdlBg to their oarratlve they were firmed.
toreeilber bouue that could bv used
treated by the iaaiirgcnt.. wbo
for that purpose.
beiethemat CalumpU naill Malolu.
Corner Union and State Streets.
WBaBaptarodbytheAmerleaBa They
It M«m. quite probable that lilllam'a
were thea removed to Mbo Fernaodo.
bouse bill, the L> ineatead taa Afh-wili
A. the Hailed htaiee troop* adraaced
ol tbe Featuree .Anbe reported uui of ibe committee la
Bpoa that city they were agalB removaoBBCed
the aeuste liiu week Uadcr the old
od. Thi* time they were takeD to
llaw tbc stale took p.aaesalon ofa.l|
NaiBbeB.where they were releaeed with
cck tfaU year proi
grom^ta be ot Bilaatu- “barren, swamp and worible*. laud”
a somber of other prikooera. They ai interval So el
being ej
apared j that had ^en Mid for taxes three
■mdekkelrwBydireoUy to MbbUbto tbc way of prrper^
eperatTSSi and the
th< ex- limca. Tbi^aft a lot of land that did
reitee will ail bo m *l enjoyable.
aot come under tbU bead wuieb leTBB ALVaVl MOKPripK.
Commeaerment week will open in maintil drlit-qurat yrar after year
tbe Flr»i M. K ebureb handay evening Tbe new law provides that all lands
'Blaborata PrrpuwUoBa for
Tbe Baeealaureate aermon Bp»u wbicii tbe taxes have remained
Program la Pragr*aa.
1 will br preached ibi* year by Bev C unpaid for five year* ebatl be abanduo. The eaacaUv* rommluee -of tbe ,T-Stogl of Ureee BoUl-odiI church ed iaad if Ibc owner is not in actual
AlBOWl A**ociatloo met'Ia.1 eveaiag Tbe meeting i* to be held in ibk M K.
f bi- ha* not begun suit to
In Prof. C. T tir.ea'* ofiico,'VO oem- chnrch M aecount uf the large audl- ael abide tbe laaea nor made any other
Made hv Mi-h'ran Telcphom- O.
pleta BrvMgeBeiiU for the AIiUBOi rw eBceroom. The BpiMopal choir will step towarii redemption. Tnere i* said
for any i-:*,.-. of sorviiv de.sircd.
As in cverythiny. Wc carry a No. 1 line in Ihc
crptiM to be acid la tbe City Opera furtukh tbe music
0 be a gn-a’ <te.l of tbU land which is
HottM Friday eveaiag. Jane ?. BeThe fifleenib annual eommeneement aluable Isnd wbK-b haa becu bought j
above gooclri, up-iu-dale and complete in every detail,
poru wore givea by the chairaien of exerciidw win occur at the Hiy Upera tor speonUtiaD aod abandoned hy^be
Ho-slfm Store prices—no overcharges—no extra
tbe varloo*oonimlltaeaandallarraBge- Hou*e. Tauredar crealag.' .lane 1. at bnyer* The backer, of the bill ul.ira
ic anr
. f -tv,, i- ai wit!
oiettta are practically complete.
which a very InterettUeg prograiD witl' that the (labrage of tbe bill UKanF.a
iiiarjjin to come down on. or leeway for credits- one
TcUt'i. ui liiv loar.'gi r t«. cl!
A flae miulcal prograo. hta beca V rendered
great thing fur'the suirih part <.Mhe
and ex pin 'I i.<-' rxL<» adoiili d hv
si>ol cash price to all. Look into our east window
provided by tbe pro^am committee
The principal number* oo tbe rdoi-' staU- and Uiai t'.inuaud* of people will .
the .--jiiij sr,olwbkh MU. l)ai.y I* chair
rraoi are as foUon*.
and feast your eye.< ou the beautiful <U,sp!ay of............
flock there a* sooD a. they learn of iCc
man. laaddiUoa. IVof. C T. (irawo
Kaiuutory—(iratv Bldrrd
'vBiue'iftne laid. The boiocleadrr* i
will reapond to tbe loa.t: ’Uar
Ulaea bUtory- -Kiwin Cnanm.n
’ are lo pay-aU i>a.k taxr* on the piece
Hebo(U*.'’ Kditb lllbb* wUl apeak for the
Clam gropbesy—Ooo Morgan
I Ihr-y eiitrr and leu crni* an *e^ a<lili- '
Alamalaad Hiaoebe Ijlgaiaa for the
I'lBM orali m -Charlga Corbett
jt.uDai This it u claimed wi;. oriij{ \
Ciaa. cfUarry Oambrlll fviH de­
Valedictory—K-ther Harker.
I many tbouaanda of dollar* int.> n v' }.^y,_.|.y
liver tbe AlamDiotBiioa.
Tbaiw win be five dne mnsical n
Tbe tiekeu for the beniiurt will he ber* on the comraanoemeai prugraa.
OB Bale at Uolley a Conaablr a. b E. High Bchool Cboru*. a ehorn* by the
A neat Scotch Wool Mixed Ricycle Suit.
Wait’t drag .lore aod Prut C. T. BighUi grade, violin aelt-cli<>n* by EoginevrlnRCiBua .beD. o:
br.wa'a I Soe at the Ulgh Scbool. Tba Blanche Baronm and R^aie Kuigbnm
worth ?oo0. lor..................................................... OJ.IJ
Camp Near Bingham
ragalar Alamai due* of S5 eanu par and a eocal m>Io by MIm Wiibaim
riufrasv-r UsvU uf the BnglUiH ring |
member and tbe apeetal memorial
A nohbv selection of Tailor Made Bievde
Tbe elamaoDg. written by Mr* M. deparloiei-lof ine rnivcrsii.v .>f .M u!,i-'»*mest -«lll,be payable when K. Ruck. Mt to music by I'rof. W. U. •
Suits, worth S7.<‘b. for................................
gan aud four vf .b.« .Cudeni. are at
tlcWeta are puteha^
litffrD*. will be sung by .the
I Bingham arranglog for tbe earning c fl
of V>
A fine imported Scotch Tweed Bicycle Suit, elejrance
(twenty mate ktudrntaof the rnglnccr |
The Alumni recrpiion
®**“''|lBg c!a»», .vbo will arrive tomarro*.
and quality combined, worth $8.-5fi. for ftA ftft
Belay to Del
paoia* a i».r'y uf atudeuu to lbi*[
D«* to Damage to Blicirlc Motor.
Bicycle Pauta from $1 jS& to $2 86.
ijiKSTzirB or 00. a.
jplacc. wh -re ibi-y hare praciGs: civ.I;
Tbe dUtribntion of tbc Mua.Mau
aitfinoeruig «-ap-.n«oce
Tnu yvai j
A foil and eouipicie t-legaiit line of Hwvfiten,. nil slylen nmi
Baouau ve.isrday morning wa* nc. TexArraag* f.r Ob-ervasee of Mvm-i (iii party |nli esmp* half m:lr south’
Bvoidably dritycd ttaroogb an pecidrni
eol.irs, rHuyinit fomi... 86.36. 48. 79.98c, $1.89, $3.00
ori*l Day.
lof Bingnata
__ _
to the alectrie motor, which w* dam
A niev line of bt-lui. 86c «ni-i 60c.
Company M i.«. rv.^lvcd ao inviu-'
Ohlcsgo MarkiA Bepon.
Bgcd by lightning daring ibr beary
n«-we«t. D«‘»tr«l. moat ntylinh up-to-date line of eap.-.
•tom wUab prvvBlled lo tbe early
morni^. IV was foaud oeceaMrj to join the put In nierrving Mcmor nl j70c; July, Tt '.o; September. TOjfc.
Cnplayrd .nj irh,nn, inna..........1C, S6, 36. 60, 76o $1.00
haw lb* motor repaired wbicb will day. A Btrellng of the eompany baa j Aaage if wheat—July. htgb. 7n*c:
taksaday to aecamplisb Tbis morn­ breo ca',lrd for tbU wnt^ in tha low, ;<(c; sk-ptemuer, bigb. Tube; iww.
Bf “ '..................
e»Sa Dorit—May >Stse:< Jn.y. UJfe;
ing iba B»-)bp waa printed on tbe
pc«-cf (king the I
vary arrang*- 8'ptembeT.»H«J«b^
-May WpeoM of the Daily Bagir, Ibroagb tue
Kai Jaly. iMdJIRte; .
eourteoy al tbe pnbliabet*. wb.> kindly
Man* WbevU..........#18*6 I*dln' Whuli.........*18.86
To Deave fiemco Today
offered (he nae of Uieif motor antll th*



ui. -M cH,, ^bo...,I, p..,.

-FITX’ ,

.. rb"i.r.:nC^™u:.rbT.;ii






Men Dm Ot Etenf Sriea

Union Made
Overalls or Jackcls-SOc





Rockers and Dining Room Chairs




We are

Ten Teal Contracts

in it—M


Subsulbers May Cancel

Mic.bigan Telephone Co.

Wheels, Bicifcle Suits, Bicycle Pants,
Bicycle Hnse, Bicycle Belts, Bicycle Sweaters,
Bicycle Caps, etc.




Traverse Belle-5c
or Diamond J -lOc

maeblas is repaired, if furdavaBBBh. 0* . May lo—The Third
th<r delay is aaScrrd lher«adar«of KeBincky waa mastered oat today.
(ba Buxmo wtii nsderalaad that U it This taavaa Mly tbe tniny-flrat Mlehl•Mad by (haatamaBtaaad BotUroBgb gaa bora. It will leave the aarviet to-

Will s

dollar yeate.vay fur ridiog upxn tha
aidawBlk OT Berth Oak alr^ al a
groalar rate of apead tuo wx miiMaa

haow* he Mjoy^i^e^t ia (halaad.



Have you seen that #50 ’98 wheel
sold at dry goods margins?


The Boston Store,
Front 8lr««t_________________




rmm Moxmo kscoxd MmiMG IIF^ imr U6LET.
7 or tbs Oaekama Talto
•nuTEESEonx - wokioaj Oapisto S*a •isrp
of tka •#«
mvo TE4VSftMX aS|UL<D.

«sefc PS Mama Jfactorp to J
Tbe eawvsiisa lor tbe toato bslM*
tag,of tbe fsetorp for As Miebiffai.
ats^ Co. to completed aad work will
btarud ss tbe luuadatiMi t<
T^Tossdsttost for tbe otbsrbsild'
toga will ic aiaiiid .a a ua
maeblserp will aoos be os tbc way
bare, eentraeta bartof besa made loi
tbe totorlor meebasbis Of all

reaMiiwvel toe w-rrra
The Push, a Hpantah aaiirtcal Pottrna).
prtoted on bright Mne paper, baa hem
ladulglat to a ualnoe toquli

— wt---Captaia tmarj waa is tba slap peaVm T. kAts AID J. W. BAHn. tordap asd froaabiB Uh ffsooso learn
ewers have bwo pouring to week after
wer*. No «. ptamislag that there to
J. W. SAxnx. Miior Md M*oac«. sd the parUenlan of tbs ead drowniap
-pcthlng so terrible aa tosomato. Mgof Isirp kafflep. sMr Machlsaa
geati that the ei-preraler ahooM be
talaad, >aat Fridap- Cspiain Kmorp
stretched out on a tabu Aaakad by aoL
ilc4 rrotn Cuba. Tbwe
left here wllb ttie
Bed with twyoaeu and IswTsst4aprHapBtb. with a load of
Rtvrtsd to prod him Tkwirrnr be
Umber and abtogUa. lor Masblaai
sbonia show any sign of Angplng off
to sleep __________
Istosd Ue arrtfCd Ibets Tbarodap,
saioaded. aod left ssrlp ffridap Mrs
Orebestra tor kistobarf'e ffrasd
tog for 81. Ipnsee for a load of latb.
Fnnw-ear iniimacico and yoa w'll
Mackinac laland
Mr. Aribsr O- Warraer. formcrip of never haw any Quarrels
*1 tb« I
« »»»■■■« cn>. abrtaat Cblmaep kook, at aboai 7:U. Chicago, arrived io tbe dtp Mondap' New books sre often valusble becatias
ibvy drire Ur u. resd uld onm
Osftoto Bmerp waa n tbe pilot bosae.
bing. nndwlil have ebnrgcol the
Men consider men egi-usabli- for he­
tbc esptoeer was oiUnp tba ssplac. mode for btetoberf'a Urand Opera
lp mm; but they want women to be
Tnmc twin u> be » prcA^ecx ttoi
Virpii Cooper, a eoaalB of rcranr Baff- Uonte Mr. WarrinirU a vIoilnUlof angels.
tfekt tluve slUlM dolUn Mt to C«te
When a niuii asks fi,r sumeihlng o
lep, waa tweepieg tbe deck
Larrp, great tateat and abiliip, and bis mntlc
to fay off C«bM MMlen. pk*; oom
I emploped aa an apprentice <>n will be beard for tbe 8tai time on Kri- n Ibe tabl. u ir .ii eigt he Isn't hen­
kaeb to tb« Csltod ffUtoi affAlD. Oo
the boat, bad a little pile of wood on dap evening of ibii week, at W 11.
An angel is a woman shp naxea her
MM«ai oi ito> dMatiofaettm a»onf
deek and waa prepartog to aaw It up Bariigaii'e production of "Tbe Coum burham! In i;.. i.R ..lue). •.homing Skblle
Oabaot UoMrtf Uonra bM nhuod to
thiddealp a crp waa beard and tbe ea- Of Menu Crial*'' Mr. Warrioer wU
lean* hour.
a»te( Is tbe dteir baltos of tt» BlOBe^ piarer sailed to Captaia Biuorp that
I jnri. have sense oiouRh in knuW
l•tb•■fM»tss•otl*»f the eoadUlar*
whrii a' iu-hii.r. If ii. be t.i.-ked ai and
Larry waaorcrbjsrd Tbc oaptain at
Of U« FsrBciit bf tb« Moser
the one:, put tbe boat about Tbe water to vIollB Inatractlon. bit address at pres* .’hen II IS 10 hr lull..I m.
set being to care of tbe Opera Uonae
IlstUd Hisic* *>s» that Ibe Cub>M
Ah Ideal husltnii.l ij. ..|ie who gives his
• a» verp calm, ibeic being acaicclp a
wife a lOft luu h,‘»>: a:
ae straw­
•Oslo toj deWB tbeirsnusnd reuis ripple spos tbe eurfan Larrr wa*
berry -h.-M. afcer ;t. the .winJowa
'is paseofsl parkilt* that Cm iverk ot plainly aecn eUuggliBff in Uui water,
Mr. W H. lUrilgaB, tbe wd. known -<'hlf'iiR.. RkojJ
satobHabiair a aubt* rt>ren>(Beai aud altbougb a gM;d >wimmer be aei^ and ambor. kuppuritd bp a good
Bncklane Arnica Balve.
eoatd ba aaore i fl^rctitolj and rapldlj
Bed to be making ao betdwap. Ae company, will pre^i’t nest Kndap
l UK UnsT Saltb in the
the'world tor
ssrrird OB Tbc Cobati AatemblT.
tumt ran up eloogaide bim Uooper nig It at aieinWrg's ' Oraod Optra Cuto, Rruiaea, Sores. Olccra,
ffro^wd sut of tbe csouovertj. bariar
0 to reach a pair to nim. but not ifuuae, Alisandv'' Ouuiat’* grmteat Uheuni. Fever Sores. Tetter. Chapped
•rat dep^Acd Ociui^ asd refuted Uii- •Bcceudiag tbe capiaui threw bimaelf work. "Ibe U.ont of tfoute Crlito. BanUa. Chilblains, Coma, and all akin
Imt propTAMd bi tbc « sited MUtet over tbrrail. clinging wiib hU feet Mr. Hartigan. ir.dit.dually, hs\ earpyd
Mstten were adiMted sad Oomii do wblie be aitomptsd tu .each the pole a drat dam repo'uiviii aa an actor,
. .
tr give oerfset aatiafactiou or tuoney
sU/ relfitiai'-d to b^a paalUos of lea<ier
down U> bim to tbe water '- Tbe lac! and surrounded bp cu'mpetent .aiippurt. .-.•f-t?dbd J’rir-i: tScSnle-W' '
•t tb« Caban artoj-. 'brn arraagMirDU wat at thia time, apparentlp tome four will am fail u. i> .s'>'. with aue
ware loadc for th«. pa^aiest of
feet below tbt- tuifacr. and at once eUoDg Tonl.uin ag tlii- play of Monte
■eaej ntidrr Ibr condiUon* propMtd
aank out ofalgiit. All tbia oecarred Crltlo.
(roai WatliliifioD. Now tbere iatroublrwiibio two aiinu'ea from tbe time tbe
Boiertelued bp Dr HoKidap.
SffstB and (be toldlen. tefsMi to be dU
brat alarm waa gl*eo.
srtaed ft la ^eiU erldent tbal the
Ijtsl rrraing the Kiya'Itaod atid a
The captain kept tbe boat in tbe
Cubaaa bate Iras teuae Uiaii aa
v.anily. for three L-a) >. hoping t.. re 'few fri.-adr were i.t-»|>itcb!y entarla i
obUdret. is tbia uatte'r. m (he>
the U>dp. bul uolUiog wa>t- oi e-lb) Hr A 11. li. .L-.ay at the band
to be blisd Ui tbeir uwo intareeU HowS Hearty
Hqw tba atclOeui ecTurrd c. ii rjoms in AleKamara ha.I
evor. tbe railed Mtatoa nair bare
pruLsuip tievei be kuuwo. ,but k’..< luBcfai-oa waa aertt-d and Ihi trveniig
rtaort to a forcible di»a(uiin(; proi'ra',
waaapealiu g.*<.il .-1.-er wito ao ,m
wbteb will bea vrr> •k-liimU' proceed
cauwrd 1-ari^ U. atep ofi the deck pa be prOmplu pr^rain •v-lecijMi. f ont
ioned, .t-"v g.-bdt. .
Mus.- by
isff. If evBBlaof Ibe paat f4« luvnlba
grspbapli'.nv l .'roi-ii a par*, of tiie >
fO lor asplbloir t! eeeuu ^rry plali bad on Shoes that bad juat bien newly Urlainm-nt.
Ibat tbe Oabsoa are ailerl}-! loiwpabla aoletlwd were very allf^rp. Tb.a
of esBdueilBf aoj non of rfKtmment map bate Uirown him over ibo rail,
Spain'a ff
,l MeKl'^
lie wore uD tbe third Unger of the left
far tbeDaeim at preaentband a lady a heavy camru rlag with
Mr. U. 1‘. Olivia of Hareeioua.'^;n,
spenda his winters at Aiken. b.A^’eak
Aui la evidcoUy M>a<c conoec- light back ground, a beaidrd oervtw hsd cauatMi severe psinaTn .I'.e
tiowof the proverbial Irlabstan'a flea- Kbigbi's bead in armor. Larrp bad on back of bia bead
On uatng Klcetrunrsl we baar that be la at tbc head of overalla and light shoe*, newly aslsd. Klttcra, America's gn<att*t Blood aod
Nerve Bemedy. all pain soon left him.
blaarnjasd perauaaHp dtfactiaf op- (Will nortfaem papers please copy tbit Ueaays
medicine is wbat
k, tben we bear tbal be diracU deaerlption. to aid In tdesUfying the bia country ne^s. Ail America knoaa
body if Uaboald bp found?)
that ilcures liver and kidney trouble,
bka tareee froio a aaciadsd retreat,
up tbe alombator on be la afaia leadiap bla aru.p
Btrengtbesa the nerves, puts vim,
la paraoB, and anfaaeqseat reporta ibefamilpbiMDe atOldMimlon at « vigor and newfUfe into every muscle,
Ckow Ibat be was os aoste oUer Uiand o clock this afternoon.
nerve and organ of the iiody. If weak
at Cm Usw be waa leadinp faU lues
tlrwd or ailing yon need ik Kvery <
p guaranied. only
Mi cents
lilv Mioeo'
affalsat Ibe Americana I'ocn peaca
U. Jobnaonsnd
Id 8 K Wa
'ait. druggisi
aagoUallssa are toauffuraUd and an
ismher of Tblnp Fifth Kiehigan
SBVO)- la aent to Oeoaral UtU bp ApulnVet agrigbtfol Death
aldo aod l.una. bit chief of aUlf. and
Kred SiiDoaaun,p member of Uie tr.ib
IS boys, agea IJ
reporta eowc from (icocral 'Hudeacribto ariaa u.l.i-rfc
tsff tba reaalu of ibe uontereace 'Ibe rcgiuuul. ws. k^wl near .Kalkaska
op. ra House
BMCt W’c bear la tbal Apuinaldo baa Monday ■ oOnpiiug eara on the
aent a cvinmunlctlon tu ibe Kiliplno Kion.'lke branefa of the C * tV. M.
josu at llonir Kooi'. declaring tbal railway: Aa the uara came together
tbs' report* of uverturwi tuwarda peace b< trhHw.i and fell and onoi-ar paaae



U IMeCRwA Um •(

Boy's extra heavy rib)>ed fast black................25c
Boy’s heavy riblted leather stocking.............. 26c
Itoy's extra heavy ribbed double knee______ 16c
Misses Biie ribbed, real Maco.................. ........26c
Misses fine ribbttl^ real. Maco. split sole..

. .26c

Misses seamless fast hfack. re-iofor«d kttee.. lOc

■\Ce sVaVte

OUT Tevu\at\ohOb \\tb xDbbftTv^ \>bWt 0^ tVtest baT^hvits

^J.,W. Milliken.i

I The Hannali &.Lay Mercantile Go.

Our Dry Goods Department


are ab>olui«lp unlror. Agalu wr bare
ngxirtatbal tbe inaorgeai icutcf peransally invrffrrcd and prerentod a oo
diet belH(.«D bia two cbiel peaera'
Now uoim-a anoibei auiDsatic rcpt>rt
that tbc rebel IsadAr baa bera oat ..f
^hl fur tbres weebe and tlml be
to a-'neipbboriog prov.ot-a <>e tb< 'ti. >.r
April. Taking ibeae reporl^ :<
aidcranou it ia pmtp baid to aeep
Uaeb of tbc wilep Aguinaldo aud ifaers
arm mi w be a •luratbin of reracitp be
tweooblui aod Uir prew uuirrapoml'
_ eota to ibu I'biUppiara '

Hii. funersl**i]1 be held Thurniap
and mewbera of touipany M are Invit
el b- B'-teU.I.
WilUaiu M Wriglit of Wnghl llr-w
laundry, paid Jnd^e Hooeru a doe ..I (me
dollar fur trotting tith bone over So-.tih
t'nliln ■Uert bridge. Ma". Kl'.u paid
the vame aaoaot tor a viuiilir offense.
I'latre Van Kpps of J. W Materforalturc store is riding a new steams

Cedarme I

FUrnitUF© ^ tothU department we take a Uack seat Xor no one. Here are ^
a few of our leaders:



I1.UJ Will .c„ U.i.i

-iih M.. II. r U.,1. o.|l„,k like m v.


Washington sUeet. A foil attoodance j , .
l»r. Higgtoa toll for Minneap >IU y ee- todestrwd.
-to remove lly sik-c^s and not
terdap alterutiOB Ue will oe gone
Manager Bfrry Las placed phone 1-1!!
about tell daya
in the oftices of the rotate Ktorcb Co. jlcavcyour furniture sticky.
Mrv J. I> Killings and
Theatre panleK feom several of the! Mba Julia, have returned fsom Urand
Barbv towiu, will -rbe Count! I W QTXTDD
Uaplda and have token
of MuDii-Cristo''Friday nighv
IV* U • OliA 1 uA Fumisbar
tkejreotUgeat Kdgewood ;
I'arker i'enetagtoii
niadea fine______
oatcb ‘
Slew Sliire. Uxi Front Slrvel
A. L-Joyeo went u> TrUakey aad [of ucui, op the Koardman. yesivSUy '
I'harievu.t yesterday on busfnera.
Mr and Mrs F A. Karl win go u>j Tbe sieauier itoekamt arrivodto port «v«a*n »t
. wrw, OlM Arbor Ibis morning on basisuas. y-fStorday
yeatorday with a cargo (of latb
Mrs-H Muntagne relampd Monday 8t-Ignsi •
night tftry spending a fsw days in
There wiii oe a wegliog of Class Ns. j
Aan Arbor
t of the M Id. Sunday aebooi io the
W. N. KcUry went t-. Hast .Icrdau church p*r:ors at I o'cliK’k this eeen-:
ingMr* f uigbum. mothry ol E J. Kul.
l»r (iamer been app rioted d<l«- '
gbam. arrived toat night fruni Cbi- gats from tbe Heunkey i>r«aby^ry to
ctogo, where she spent Ibe winter
tbs (toners'As-emh!y. lobe held at
V B barnum has rMurned from Mtoueapolis. and left yosurday afterv
seiutuoanied by Mrs liirner.
Only Two X*afi
n 8. Mtolkerof Old Mission was >a 1%ev wii; be gwne about teu day.
towu yesterday ^
b- I- tVefaaler uf Detroit fttrmrr.jf a I
palcaman to the aboe department of|
___ ^ '
is one of the tmpr.ivemenis behig
tbe ftoston Store, is vislupg friends j tasoe fur :he.-oming soumer guev.s*
tor easb: if taken quick,
jThr resort wii! begin business about
ftotog out of bicycle busLow nilvsra and wife rviuroed ' the ttrst of June
-toee*. Cali early
nigbi from New York uUy.
Coon :
r. ilBDttortoB of <
a at Traverse, No •..arc reqaeilrd ij atVbe UuWl Columbia ibis week to r»- WSd a merting this aftern ion for'
eslvc msdical I'caiatosi Bis daugbwr. speeia: work
James Lake to driving a flor borae'
Mrs W. i' S'elsos <>* LvianJ. is with
which was proeurel from Chicago lor j
aewwssar W S I
MM Cbrisuna Melk-aald arrived bim by'toorge Meir
ysiWrday from Kagiuaw aad will take
William Cbie of N »rtb II v'atoa atrert
ksexpMlcg toatart a saloon at Cedar
cbprge of the Park Place iaaadry.
City the flrsi of Jane
iM^brasa Boidal
Mra C «f. Fau'ol 8tat< aUaei to|“~
-- -------------------The ladirw ol Traverse bay Uiva, Mo.
n.Tiu .i.i,..1.0.1-,.,
tl. will faroiah toe cream Sid Sake,
Fred beehtel. IWy Novotay. Hr.
aat 8a»arday svssiag. May to. Dem
I. A. T^ompsot aod Lsa OravaoB ra^
4 UtU KJ to the Maritham Mock.
Mrmsd toat nlghi from Baar Crash,


A very extensive line from only SOc up


time vast to aatehtog them.

A bonanza for the paper hangersa 36 inch Bunting for only 3c.s

be sold it i birgiin


wbare they have beaa aaj^ing tiast
flahtog. Thay bfoaght hack a quanUipiM troat and gwatly snjoyad tbe

Ladies’ All Leatlier Belts, the right
thing for summer wear, IDs up:
Large lina 8c Percales for only 6c.

I In Umbrellas
^ We Take The Lead--



iS Still jO tllO LOOl

I Your House
I or Barn Needs Painting




and you are worrying about the expense. Wbat is the
use of worrying when you can buy Heath & millgau Manufactoring Co’s, best mixed palhts, Shipman’s strictly pure
Wtdte lead. National x.ead Co’a tinting colors. Berry Broa,
bard oils and vamlahos.and Cold Water Plastloo for walU
at such reasonable pricM as you can of us.






•< log* wkU* Mkiar •
»M tejMNd «D WAy UA be iUi l>
*h» 0^ ■■ ti Wo* DroloooO 0»4 OO
U* doctar'k «Sm.
Bd»vd W«tek. »R tmpiof of tko
A jnOTOt-TlO
Fprt 8of«o Om Co , wm Bcmolx Wo­
Pt F^taklii
:liD. w*> alMit lo m.-t op li
od ftbool Ibo hood* *od(o«ob7th*«sfur bituM-U and xiabed lo bav«
iW «c «(sn
V 1«c VtlVW wl glooloo of 0 ^UoWr>fM oto**. 8o,_ aiyoyhiw
«(s l.> pal om- hi*
werktof «o o \irtt mU obM o: door
aporh tPMOO «kb«l ir«twd iW foao-jfeo^ inarripUua --jAbn
m Tbuiui
Make* and SelJc Hals for Heady
Mwory.^- FoUowiag thik wa. a pioture
od-Bootoo Harbor, a baahrlor-MW) M ' *
, k.kc ke.
dfateb Bnt hr «ra* uoi ijuiu
n..<«Ul.,o,A>rnd liuidu
-li-a >•. N...«Mb«>koiUhUity
litahllityuf• hi* riKU.
and be dr- '
Th* hrlda H a boalorH oomb aad a
I»~foa*ofi. *obool aided to kabniit
it lo hi* frieod* for
waAlhp Immbtt daalar of Bark*lUa.
prof.oaioaal o>ao. who Ihrir criUdau.
rrrr Satoid*)' fa ib«
Tbe 8m that hr abowt^ II lo objert
Va . aod a fiodaw of ». Mai»’* aoioJ- **“*■ “*“^
•tad; •a-iouk
«d lo toe word • bailer. ' becaan it
0017. Hotro Uome. Jaekaoo ka» boos
waa followed ' b» tbe word* -*Dtakek
UkoaUaaaailiMtoa Harbor ter.twaohats " which kaffirirntlr explained that
tp-tvo paar*.
Kraoing ■■t
«*»* *trloo*be waa a baiter The word waa atraok
At WU(.IIU. .kU. U
KI.U ■'
“ i»*.k

i SUU M«ms




Young Men’s Goods
In greater variety than ever
shown by ue before.
More decided novelties.
More staples.
Better prices and values.
Better tailored garments
than may be found with anyone
carrying leee stock than we do.


•rkkklowlk, ». oM»T W . Ik.,. ■“'■'.M'^lkkk.k. tt.Uk *. ..n

.wwU,unl-«- ».~i.k.. 1. Ik.
farrow aad latlcod of allowiag U*«Jf
to ba barUd uadar tt eaagat.'oa* bora*
by lb* ull aad wa* drarr«> uni'> W
taaaiboMiiMfrljrbtooodaiMlyaioaaafoahl*. (telpoaoMballt was wlU gnat
dlOoaJty thr Ur«« WM* loan !WA« «oa
Irollad aod the tall cat
* fA.»k |ro*a tbrooghout Herriou
00^7. old** well a* tboMw aurtory
•bock «bt«b baa ben plantrd ihU
aprtac. are baiag killod by little red
aau wbicb are foaad to coagregrate
by lha tboaaaadk upon a *Iq(1i- Urr.
Tbnp at oaoe work lb*ir »*y npward>
aad father Ml the toHage uotil the tree
Uwlt looka red. Tbey teed ueoo tbr
toare* aad depart Tin tree ta tboa ia
a dylBf eoslltiuc. No *
aiy way to aate the trw u by premtlay the little aniiualk trom frtiiug ar
Ueir food Kruii gruweni hare placed
ooltoa around the truokaof wm* with»ui.

""OkJ ■i,'-'


-------------------------rua Oormaa Hrooo Troat
AUoraoBbrowa troul wa« caacbl
y,*«oHay oaar J-oioo Urcrl oridifo by
j*ch Hrobrrii Jl wi
larho. i-> length'*«
»glh' a*-■ •ei.fl.i d ibreo
pound* aed ai« .'unor»
Vab nt ihU **rleiy ar - not oHaa
eauybl inthi* *l»iBi<y ami ibikuanwa*
dupiared la <b<- wladuw „• r a. Carla’
•bore It au-scn-1 ruualderable a'ta .tie .
Three »«•*••, agu J o I,,-kuriby
plauted* quantity i.f luU vari> ir at
Ue b*».i wf Uoanlmao tkahi-b i-*• let
there l.ate few b-ro caught

Ibe Pest said that the work **inak««'
wax BaehMB. becaoae tbe coalimata
wuold not cate who -loade tbe buta ao
kaif a* they wore niisfatturr and the ;
prior waa Out loo high He atniik ibai .
uot aUn.
Tbe third man said that lie-words |
’’for ;-k'a<tr luoney" miubl ii- well £■>. j
aa It « a- n.-t the ciiktouMo m H imm .oi;
credit, erery nne wb. Ik.aKfal <i|avled '■
to pay Tbme wxrdk l.iko n „nl. aud tbv i
inacripUan read "Jobn TtHdu|»..ii .Selb j
Hi* iM-st friead>uii<l ">k-)l>e" niight aa
Well 'ome<-au>a- m-Udck xt>ivted ' bllu to gl»e them awHv What, then,
waalheWM, or ibewird' •rt.-IU '
all tb.l r.„.un..d folloWiPK -Jiain ^
tv.-u Ihi- al.u« aa it wi

Cassimeres, Worsteds,
Serges, CheviotsIn fact we show evei7 style of
cloth that will make a desirable

Vahw or P
i-r llie but toll,... lOg it - H.irjK-i V-^
ptcf.n^ Wa>l>lmrii '-> iiiethod i* to Kouhd Table.
MHk u chuir lui limt] ai a ciitiitnrtaUe
aui!li.t nn«l llitu lo uiake iiibuluiiinn and
a. l ug and (;radaat u* pto
"■ Im.ibrnK .-Ukoat
lie i>M-i<‘.l rnutlnotily Into the doer of
'til- i< .niiimg ofBiv anil aahl to tbe of.

though lUey-ha»« p, acandy Hekiuerl U. hn-albe at ail. Cv.
••I aort-i want to jlut."
Yai by ifTBi-lioe be *v (hweloped bia
nVunt to eniiair
anpreeeuuuve cbandlei sad wile ‘"tHt l»wvr and luDg exjuiuaion lhal h<
•I r.-.-kin.'
and the latter a moibar. who ia alaoihe
-'f ^>r
ur five winut..
".Ml iiRfai; you’ve bad )-i''.low fever, ^


Toung' men and old men both find that Top
Coats do not come amiss this weather. Our line =
£ from $5 00 to $15.00 and $18.00 are unsurpassed.



Mr* Rep Baady were dr.rlog .0 ih. Waabhutn'- i,» tl,.«l
tho gradnat
country uaar Uaiuiof whan tbeii hora- u,etb.^ He b.T{an by iiil^liu* th.-sh­
•Of’vi- had MMll pox.ea took frifbt and Jumpod. I’he j»r dwn>ot>. (h.uI tlVtly- rriba, tbi^i tborbeto
"Never hardly beam tell o' Ml.*’
broke the king hah of the carriage an,1 *11 mv grudiiully aiKl without u|>aa• What about ItcUrtbokniirv larty werr damped into ihx nwdtc offwrt, thru aa irndnally hu ex
"Oh I've bad a aket.-b er two o'
wnremiweur leaa injorad
Mting g.. with a mah:
cuutro. of. iLh l<reaUnng.
Mr *"-ver liMug
iTeaUriag. I that. ’
slbough nor, »-«*.
bones —k
were wu-K
bat lirliiKiug it nioru (itxl lucre under I •|lHdtDto.l«or.hol.r*?and Mrs Chandler are oooBaed to U-d. the InllneuiK of the willatid finding bi*
"The i loaeal
le o' nieaale* tbapi
AlLMatof Hep. tinorfeP. MeCnllDB .idiyatial
dcTcloiuiH-ni daily inneasi'ag
of MantoUque wa* Ihrowa from faU —FopuUr Mciencwheel by a dsf la front of the Uotol
A Meiearkantv laveatiee.
WMlworlh Monday •rnnlng and quite
A Uawiiau iov<-ti(or has iMnameted
badly injured Ue wna picked wp
apinratus a-hieb i* to enable people
oo-etou. and reamed in that condl- hanS al.vo.„„ .^11^
Uon aeroral boar*. BeanSemda pain- et world aboold tbev awake tbelr
fnl acwlp wound and ooneuaktuo of the trance in tbe grave The invention coahmin.
siets ill the iimin of a butiuti on the in
Blialiate have nnrebak***'■
eitunteil ItutuedialeJy
> ManutacluriaT plant
“»’»■'•••>•» “f
api«rently dead
•1 th* Con
> ManuiaciiirtBg plant l«-n
II ihetaiforiouaie|wr«.ncoB.«. |
and wninr ^wer at Newaygp apd
to life Slid iM-gius to Im-atbe. the first !
aereaotlaad. threw uUra from lo-n .ctitm ..f the taa
taalv la Ui.-eipanah-u of
l"—Allauu Journal.
aad organlie-l a .»iDpany with »l,.' -o,- the cin-kt Th»* i<Tt«a.e tbe button up- • ^
, _
mw oapiial to develup the marl dein aii wai.t. ;.i»l an alarm 1*1) h. a» t going in '
and manotaeture forUaod remeni
»l'v “nii-e of Ih,- anp^nieuib-nt of the i WHEN A TIRE 16
, ' ,
■ ewml-r*- -Ft,-I
A cruel aod myaterluBk enuNur ,xeured Sunday night in KuUaod' tuwi,^
Hr td*rU a t'lie. her.
■hip. itarry county. In the neighho.Jnm,
hood indt.-stod, Mr* Newberry, ag.d ai,.i> ihai
Tn years. Itvpd alone <o a fnrtnhou*,, m ci,
knt -n a well •ellird dPtr'ki; JJomlay hi*
bar dead body waa diaoovardd and iis ‘bat
.i.' |„ ipr ;
oondlllcD clearly indl'at.-d1 that tbe
............ -’'h'




— --

Steinberg’s Grand

The New
British Last-


.j.t.“t:;;r“'‘*"’'‘"°'’““^B«giiinng fridij, m wtii,


old lady bad bee., mordered fur her
She was Itaiacei^ ahw <n
dBsday. when she vUited her aiat->,
wholivba but a abort dlaUnee Inm

*''',‘‘I.ur:’V ‘‘u,
.huimd th, r> < i--.-niaiit. ,.i t'hi,-agu
culluu 1
Tad ion) > n hai^.y b.ur
»'tb Sm..r
\ ..uhi-rn «:,-,.r«« Sand.

named I'bartea Kmltb haabeen arreated
Imagination eamo »«ry near b.-inc
tbe death of Philip Humphrey, a farm
ea-tirior three mile* from the villnfe
of Coloma On artaing one inKmlng
akonk two week* ago hi* false eetk
were uiltolng.
Knowing well that
tbny were in bia moutb when (be retired beaenrehed the hed sod U-d

ihouid i.nt,, . •
i akuih,. ch:
ia«., hum
ihm h- .t.l.l..l a> u
'» r-« ■ne.i e,«T i,m. i„ i->r,t.
Tb<-l-ieUnr lu tlnnlaea.
The thu* -is ,
........... u-,1
_ d by :
£n<b'avt,t<Ta ibi eiglsioi tir<-ai Hritniu>" lb,- „iiginal toiv. wiiii tbi> inttvsbn.--j
’'K. .,n ihr
J’’"'*'' bii-t for-olvath.i;, .-md ti-iaiim;
-‘«* «*s’«b. I iu'-iiiIm-Him.

TH£ Aniline,


"the RussiiN su»E,:



...k.: „‘“,:ror r;’i;r

s^ and a to- day. *t U.e -oai waa a,I power m to-, m. and on oanh i. lodged
kekadtolivc Bia brother from iho. wb„ , tj,,.
aaat waa lelegrapbed to come at oocr \ wbai n an and ibante onr.worrv
if b* Hiahed toaee bi* brother altn- baw bnl tbe dniy ,ir the pn reoi Tbe
Oa tb* morniiig that be waa ui atari pr-i«ik)iiufurlG« mitrr«w i> our Fuiber'a i
..and l,«wo*e He oaree and willv '
tor Ctaieayu and while- ’,ne mauroMi
WM being placodin the buggy
r »h«« «■>'‘•.ml.lhave the help tlmt
wblob be wa. to tie. hU aBBL^o w„ faiKilu tropiiug cbiidreu It. tli, ir’ hour ’
of need we can pot ikur wb.dr alreugtb
raargan^ing the bed. fouud the mi*a into tbe awmenr. w<wk. ■unir.'d that,
Lag Meth aafely retting in the coil uf tbe nM»row'aiadswIIlMv«wl«a]|owed I
. U* bedewing.
to paei bertwd tb.- tiMwrow'* eUMgtb.
At Mllna. Albert Croaa, a young farm
hand. WM bitwn by a rattlntnakc.
•nadny XxewwtoM to Xnninue.
dactors eauterUed tba wouad and he
The M. A N. B. B B Cr- will .
wiU rmvM.
traiD.y, Manlk*..
At Battle Ck*^. Alice tbe <i y«nr-cld the following dntea; May it s<>; Jc-u*
tearktor of Mr. and Mm CArl Unatar. il.JS; JnlyP. ttiAng A to. depi S. IT;
drwk from a boUl* of Mwit* M*nd*y Oei I. Trmla* ieave Travme Citv «
Moralng, by miatak*, aad U wm with a-m ^nrrieeat Manta-'* u:«a)a i
dlflcBlty tkat tbe doetora env«l bar - - _
City r.10,
. .
oee fare roaad trip betwean all ■tatto:
er-t ’•> eareed tl OP
‘ inekMM. Mtab.. , ttiebicM Owtm Ma*let*« ot. alternate

...Instrumental Music...

>. Cteinat CIIV MUSIC CO .
Ja«tM* Mica



tk. .pp~.di.
Tb. k.... pkru..™
waaoallad and ea*lly located ibem |
m.v ,.wn ,bm,-h and it- ^ nu-.- in ■ g
Three pb.v*iclan* were catlod. a con-; every way in ui> ia>w,-r
Tin-ih to ^ fc
talUlioa wa* held, and it wav decided ; tbe form angg-kUti fiw yu.Uuary n*c
that tbe patieat wukt be taken to Cb.:;
------ ^
uagoand an uperatloa prrformei A .i ,
‘«k •* G#.d.


m.-nV .v,-. , .il $2.60-Thi> is - hu

iiio.-kl -Ivli-li -i;-,,- ill ilii- cilv ;;l ’.Ik- jirit'f.

Frank Friedrich,
U8 »toui Street

Old BeUable Shoe M&n


Haying contracted with a Boston nianufacturing House to

i Aill j,..> ;!|. f,;l;
.tlihiiiuit .iiUKl.- 1MX--.1IIL;

V , *t. - •■stturomiar
V.-h.-anluvrl,. e-dK...,,. but .
iat- sP'i popular piec-a 1 pi.iwj


Shoes for

, il .-t; -.i!v ... rK‘u- lim- of Kid

200,000 Pounds of Wool

• ;> m.-cop:,-a ,.f

auggeated that bebadawallowed IbcB. ih, U,.,i>„ad ill th-).br.v,*' Tli.-v i„k. ;
***'' ' I*’’"
bia auention wm called in lhal dine- "T.
d..-. ti,.- Him i^f.-rr* i
tlon. and by aud-by be lovau-d ihem,
u-tiva ,->]«-.-ially ■ ih. lo-*!nJi.*',
Th,' .\iiH-ri(-an i i
■ oonld feel ibem plainly
This p*iu
Il w*' auK'^l by tbel'
• paaaedatoadilyauwBward and finallyiS'V''^
•topped on tbe right aide, above ;he:f"V“‘'
‘'”““’•*1-»t it. rvcmi

! *,n 'i«y

Verjf New'
\\ . J’.i\ •

:Saturda\ Night


and Tan--


•.::-;^'i-Count of
Monte Cristo!


Piigree Make


iir " '■


Tvlt'Kfioru F'l'

Tc-leplu.iik- IHi

Or. J. W. Gauntlet!
Eye Specialist.


I will
,.n,- u.-ut H ,muiij uioie
J.H\ you
t’ssli uji. P!i-aa<--.-an

sfl Fr,inl fitreet

hi Your Bicycle
In Need of Repairs?
If e<). this i-. t II, ) Ik ,1 !•■ u''-l i‘ Hi-uit- rij^I;t and proiu]
Knsmeliiij; and l.ntli- Tiiriiiii;' uf all kiiida. fniJ in aud Off inj- new
fin, uf *li,-, !s
1 line of wbe,-1st



ATvd Qv^aws WANTED

*____ k\
1% \TT\^V\V\



(iiiud hurJwood in >tovc lenitths.
.\Imi fniir toot iiippli; slahiv uiitl gdgio>is.


"Ko Sm-penoT.

_________ ^


Notice The Agreement!

Sold at Faclory l-*rices;
From Chicajfo Branch Sloru.


2A5 Front Str<?et
'criarr y * itb Frank k>i«irich. aad we *crc« to hi
so'-e veur *hc«* while Tou wait—in to mtaatea—nrlo
toe fer light volt* end toe lor heavy aolee—AlFwo
gvsranu-ed first claw My wc-rk hM been know*
•be city for sine yeaia *e the beat

Easy Terms '-"

i Ennnliiig il Mishi.
flltlHlil'i, illiililllllltlllltlllUilil

N. E. STRONS. Imhh

Thw the only place uj bay yoor l»v.t ve*r if yoa warn tbe best for the low.
c»t in 9r--* We tbnnk our manv eoair-mert -Hbo have favorad m with ibair
li-wral patroMga. We have doobM <ur aale* in tbe iMt two year
alwray, tor tb* bMt in footwear
ir and lowest
in price.


-A. S. FRYMAN_^ PncUwl Slw lu


THB MOBTOrO jaOOBP, WM>yBSPAT. ^^> 17. laM
A ^


j &«Mr«x TiUttt



L.-; i*******»**»**«»»a»a»a»***»*a***«**»***»
SltUiimStTtM 5

‘ s^wu»Urt«ftk*b«nwMtf«e:

I -;nr“ .TSZS.JS^'’ sjeriffiTS^STTs!:: j* M nms 43.
- gsssc:
frpjfr-::: •u» oti:
: |«i
* iB O

Mbshiuom yrowin
rrowiaf U
u Tfry AM$eattt*
It ftn4 to tb« mltiosloro ‘
pertort clcaaUMM hM to bo o
tbo brda. wbtdi OK oboot :"
tocb^bi^aad iboottbo metadi'’*•
piDoter They pxt cooorod ooor vith
iU«M oMd oad • vfaitith otey ud ru
to iMoIkl ilpM. with oelyp mbo«
Mtb b-two«B.-wy« Ibe PUtodelphto




Short Oat Pcok..................
c Is May tM •
Short C«t Pork par B
•»•** thtol-d
,U UAiOtvto
Pmu. to pwil
U^AB. iL'iOo.hmk...
adJfa* Yark..
rM«. ■■ L-A Oo B«
A lOBaat -tMlf to Pord eoaaty
«aa aiiaadad by MO gwmitA. Tkaj Ab taponoat Iteto la aaohtnn enl- {'
_______ _
w.— ! I«i4 Bor to..................
bftoktaH MM a«a ao loUorro:
par^ton^ .
livaM.tkrat^Utn p itbtrbraT bov aBtA oxygoa to aeodod by tbo | - ***^ P**'Air botoo ata borad bcra «ad i
a^hMaado^aiaUMto i iiiaiilna
^ (old)..
tflaaa t»U<nt of «Maod
,^»a rt.
ii^ lb. aoe-^ry foao-alolj^^b..,^.
•^'> *’*'^ , T-p«t« aidn->irtar. 'Pototo-.p.r
^ ^ ctodtod. arroMltatiac Mtporbbl..
TW coaaaapaoe of tiatotoe by atrtT doort to rognla^ tbo ctureM of Broapar
Dwt^tkpAiM 1

^« *

J Strin ttMItoi« •» m toslNst, wilt gNf int. aif iriets alwiys jasi bahnea J
Bua uf Ml, it aai Mna.


a Iraj-eree Cit.v,Mji:h


favor w tatrtbrr Oartoc tbo
Tb. coaotraotica of tb. bodo (or tbo
u,.imcn. Each
vonoji or Axwou, xurufQ
• bU bod. M if «a ! WbMl. pop.
UjOf Board Of toevto. aad »t«almttoB.
borp-toi-k. flito bU ana. vritb tb. mo- OBto. Mo 1. p
Cora, par bv
! BOfo opd pttaMO it dovra betwora bto PotBtoee. per bp..
^ if I The aoDuei moving of tbo Bcord of
I k«i. aad lhao tbryuvre oluD:- tb« bed* Bye. per ba
40 > Bevtew aad BqiiaToMloe of tbe City of
17 : TravoTM City will beheld la tbe ooaaBattor. par to....
10 : ell rooB ia thpCM..trMioactoeboiuo
■dV*. per duoec
ly. di
^ peratnr., tb>- arpawo U aiwo. Small
I low. aad i-oe'iDoing lD.e*« on4 day*
PbUiaptoM b. tum«l otm to tbo ^ *" dovottd to tb. prupiwatluP oT
. A Bariww —iwpa
or more fv lb. perpiM- of TvieiriBg
Thankhil word, written by Mra. Ada
••♦cr.l aMe.>iaeot rclU ..f the vxj
otalo* OB traphto. of the regimonu
Ihr arawn which to foondtbopK Hart, of irotoa. S D. ‘-Wm taken
Any p--fwii oj
maktotttaooaptarr. Secretary Alger
to iji old to-da Prom the tiB.
bad cold which Milled
ad ou mv 'do m.y .peee-»t th ,-a<.-t.o?
oabtodUoaoral Otto, aaktoft what taoce ^ fb. fir.t j.rxpotBtom of the uapiuo
wao in lb. way of .uob plcM. aad ha. to tbe gothcriPK of the horvwt three
received a reply oaytaig taat ander the mostb* or n> eU]»« All Ibi- expeooto .’•vemeup. Mytoe I rouM iVe but . toU. whr the vatu.tloa tia--ir.if vbould
tana, of the pMwre treaty all obuteto; CunB"rted therewith amuaol for each borl tlBte.' I'gavr mywlf.op to my be chaoei-.,i .oH HUd Board '
««kr deoi-.lon t
oapDOO ara w he turaed over to tbe Vemr feel of* icnniDd t« K frapcit and « tovior. deu-rmioed• 1If I Exmld^t .1
I. I WMftd m< ' Sa.l S.i'1 Mxnl will b* in
______ _____________
■ Pf”®‘ *■ only reelired when tbe^wce
yickto more than fonr hiha of utudtVUv-k a m and from t o'clock

Just Arrived.

CratoOi Tboro woo hardly a
did BOt tab. tbo drag at

.ITU-SSiHas' •S2. 'SSS.

Thare oao ba no doubt that tb. moat
obliging poeunaator to baa aiate ol
Miaaourl Uve. at Bethel, aaya the Han­
na City Star. Ha recently pet a Wue
phone ia hia ofilTe, nod i
wbcm auibumy togiven he will open
and read lettore to patron, who live
out m theeoiiatry aad are coanecteo
by wire
Haporiatenu have been carried on at 1
the United SUtec miat in Vniladclphla |
trly a year with a vto<
'laming tbe Btneu of atom aam for

eXainat rat* and |■Bra^itt« of varion.
kinda Am a muedy avaitut the fint
evil rata am kept at Ibr-w cloivtrn. bat
M« they «alob their |>r<-r. bnt do
It, and tbe uinohrooUB aaSer
Among Ibe |uini>ite» a rryidoKBuiir re­
joicing in tb- Dcnie of kI>«xoue rmea,
wbh l) penctrBleM into tb*- i<oi>-» of tbe
fangi. cauan> h Kw eetto-ateil at Uot
|x-r uubuui M-lbu
Pariai.n ravoM-Moup. ITk-vmalleMt par
-Icyf iron iu^thebedMof tiianiw to
avoi^d by t .^iwwii. (\«1 ba* elao tbe
aame vffec-t. torgi- circle around the
npit^nl’•“PVT''*-•'»»hii«K A’ininre bto

. i.
I 1 1.
the aue of the nickel 5-coiit pmee have ;
haea deliver^ at the adat for tbi.
tmrpoM. Congreea reccDily appoin td
a coaiBiaeioa of vxperu to ioveatigete
and report upon ihia .abject, and a,.oonUegly evpenWato arc being
ned OB under tbo direci.on ot ito mem

Another Carload Horses


City I'lrrk
hi hoHlta. It ba> eared me. and
baiikriodlam eavedwod am now a
V. :; and bealtby woman. Trial bottle
,i njii w i-/
- cm. at S, E Wa.f. and J. ri. Johr“‘**P
- ■(■ '•-Drug k^rea. Hrgular aixe bOc
r the Old t'el u«*' orlcbratioe at
.’-'I gl tiuareoteed or price eefuD-li^ Cadillar, Hay
the U. B A I. will
*.l!e*-u» If t-ckrU 1 > rate of onr
■ I H..IX.I —farv for ihr rU'lll.t trip Sale of ti -keU
1(1 c-ou-iiFii-t-for irato Icaviog‘I'ra er*e
mscELUANEuua wants
I May Mth. retaro limit
0,IUI^WtKTCU-*l (be Wv.t


bj U'UbrlB
-••■arr ptr.K

eviK ngST-Th.
r Blckib UfxrC


I have just shipped in another carload of
fine horse flesh Work Teams and Drivers
which will be found at my barn on State St.

Zs vctTcatbcr


Thi- Fa'DOUM



ciMblstr. a>

.lohn K. Santo.
GtierBl Insaiance.

:l v^\ku-.v.i
___ “‘*1 ,aa4_cocwa*eIw^l.»

Eirri- and iBete lu the bedn. and a verv
* archari nioek
Tb.-berto look very pretty when to fnll
------------------ ----------- .riii-uai
!•( K. W Baaia*'. aevacy.
.U'l 4 trk-.-ivk. *iij
____ __________________________________
beaiing. the leM advanced one* U-ing |>>l'M>-INM-*t-. U«>*. OaDereaBCel.Mwr JiJiUkoc. Woit. M. ear 71.
Tbri-b.*;.-.: N.r.iu.nuiu lU (to-■-rlj • . t.U-r to
------ --dolled over with little white tnUoni.
Bbo"! tbeaizeof peaw with otbrr Ivda
where tbe dazkl^ly white product i>
l""‘--------------........... —:—
ready for gatbering. They are gathiT.-d
tOOlM and all. Tbe be^j^iaaia in beartog from two U> pix inoutba.
A new induatry in rCanaaa to tbe

. .
maiketa of pOKBMT-NI'-vir
manufacture ol aait. A large
_ depoali
of i»uud> weight are i pbOlhaM «ris
of Hhlludelphia
tbeliae ol tbo I rriKirtedand largoqnBntitiniiireaerved. gat^B.tKK -Vormle rhaap iSsd^ >
■ acasaesfi'ite geesiaet!
_____ *(Urfe«j aaC CiyabMilbv ai
Bobu Fb raOraad. near the town ol ' On>- grower atone M<nda U.OOO Uixev of
T. Peimiii«ton. District .
Q.I8^JlAyrKD- -.riTT
jBey W .CM oiMv..c..,Cvr.
Hatohliuon, to tbe oentral part of tbe. preaerved uiiiphriKUiu U> England
tVaT.r... Cil.4 Micbicaa.
aiate. which the local gaolugtoia claim
^lui WtNTBl>-l^>r BvtK
Baelap Wetal.
-«o he tbo largcet la tbe world. More
apito aiss/mb kitwi
Murrto OihU- «leMrtibrv to Pillar pOK and t>uzsl
Abaa •l.OOU.OUO baa already been inecated to plaaie to purify it. aad the Si-ienco a mnarkalde iuMtauce of the r Utrr. .(abto Taror tumbr
. ! M.M*teat»llr
output laat year reached nearly r.oou.- power and ..f n wwd towur
arfaicb w»‘ tewnily olwc-rv.-il In split•OObairela
-........ aBlwaia
Cbarles Uumricbouae. who dtoapU_(B»b. (. E WlB
peared from Homer twenty year, ago ^
to* ormiMj IrocVh I
When in year, of age. baa recently re-1
.( u> (nriu^ i( in!
•lu-b . .Kb 4j»all bobw and b.ra, oacrr.iim- . » i u m
tamed from South Aaerlca and vtoiud '
iFr auC wrerat (-uM apriu,!. lorwlu.: a (la.Kj
aMaoixm tola
hia Bother, now reaidlug at Yeatek|
4 I '
. 'ssa
Center. Kan. He had not been beard '
from in the twenty yean and waa
^ £ 3 £ a £ E E £ a“.l B E £ E~S fi“«Ta'B|j
tboagbi dead.

6«w! «ipWs« taiim Y-


and Trust Company I


^ Free!
Help l-'urnishcd....


Laborers Wanted!

'; c^'s


_________ ____
The City of Urecutown, iBdiaaa, to
perbapv tbe least governed city of iu
aUc to America. Allbough it has :&uu
tohabltaata, largely made up of glaaahlowor. and other factory hand, uau.l-kerOeCaXo b-b- , A r^uawot (be CBU»r.ityBa.piUd^a’ai.
vii: i.^nC U>eaU. tor nuraiac- Bl
^ move or lea* lurbuleoi to otb-.-r
A (i«?s ~»TtsrK» l.w -Tbr U!.- aodii
place*, the town ba> no mayor, marAE *vhM->rairii(s ol auMtral i> or;." iCr '
.orUV. y-rf-alM.l i:«\al b«-ro
H> Butal Hal-'
ahU. policeman or utber peace offlevra,
Ibr Ii(' .004' (rivaC aea aCmirFr of tbe '
aotWeoacon*Uble. The town 1* gor,m uU-' H(ei.-rkt and beu boo*; (n«r BJ,
.. «ilo o rbe.. nearly 101 pare'>>al(i.(oe
IVT-iL>:*l<Ul u.*r.
ervnect b>- a baard of t,-wu<r*. who at'KUoa o> m.-|.
Only *1 «l Ki V. - .
meotoace a monU to allow e1e»;irii- tiui; n pHve of bi>-korv a bnrrnw i>f ■
-ace of a l)?ei
Ugbt. waU-r. gaa and other claim.,
a Minsll li-a>l--ii butlot wliicb bad been
meh a* pvylug tbe firemen, atreet c-jiu> flickl iiitot!i- bard w>.k] Tb>- borer.
rnoRExr T.op’ea.a
We are agaiu prepa;i7(-d to deliver iee
aiaaHMier and ick-idenUl ; muni -ipal the ton :il f ; m of u
tui.l .uivun- A .vpp...
-aw-llin aU partoof tbe eity
Mlto. A jaatlcc of tbr peace reading Ic-rol (lu-buli.x lu it. juuru>-yiiu;<. and
be a. low a* auy t-ffered
to Uw auburtw rr.igocd a few week* bnd Tu-t bn n dt-li rrcd hythch-irclanlx
ago, having noufil la! bukipea*
Pb. -»t*»»'''in it- lai.h.-but bad nt(''iiip(ed
ettycharwrprovw,-, lor no roavor <.v **’
liu. .u-lj ilu- »«ill. i. only k>vK >1>. l-bores. a
polteemcn. aod tbo dutiea of maraba
b-‘.liu^ quite a b..)e
in ill- b
e prrforoK-d whoi- re()a>nd. wliicL i»
I «aeS Ben.
veigbcldooi. br tbcbirrel roniijgitNtoRer. A r.golar ttiar..h»l ivaa clivled *' lb ltcl-i.:it j*
Many pcy»o
year ago. lui-. ic'iyual U-auw- there a(V|P:rit>(-'i with the vann<-s(il the
All katelk
evaa aolnbxg for him to d.^ ! Another »:i«> ( ivi.r 1 at a K.ud Icii: a* stall Ivt-


Hopkins Bros.







o-TcTrf’ i ^



r> f* V * T a


\ I ■ .\ D^Weift^Alichigan"
General launilryiiig.
Ira»*rw i ti4 .
- 1 *T sruat UkeHto .
Lv UrwoC KapMk

‘ Work r.l



UrasC K*t.ldb
r a.r*nJ Rfep.Ct

Ever Burned put

rws O'HkAjcvroE;

Bread 3c! Bread 3c! Bread 3c!

' Hawaii baa I.SM.'marmani of whoH
C.SMarr aatlvaaof the i*laad>

iluka I’lanae taeriuk i^ai.
I Ihfii- llle liBtali ally ad IImtIcui
wa* dPMeUK-d by the i-lacue. Wboto
H *M.B.a » Odd Fellow. Oel*
»>••«« Ibem nfainUy
, _ .,,,
by «ba- naiue of ('lout, whaiee Varioo*
bratloaat OedUlac. Xieh
nyewtor. w.^e buried ia. the naertom

AK°E a a. will keU ttokcttlottodi!
toe aad wtura at $I 44, good gtdog oia <
to charge
apeclaltraiD at 8«) a. m. or regular 1<^ tbe work devoenrtod into tbe vanll
toaU at 9:44 a m
to return os
tciuained there during mare tbaa a
r.u , any
day >a>w
Now. allbongb nxxc than two
train ali-kweof exeavlMkor mi,
------ ----------------------------------- M. A
Frldav May setb -via
! cxatnriie •'-.dp.a-ixlaiacaAe
K. B. aad A. A. E. B
Itoya Baad <m I uD tbm/r wlraMd wece'attacked with
..jctol iralaa.
j infeclia;^ bnbo (a^ractertotic glaada
H. W. CmniKusAK. Agt.
.0 of the idMgne aad bad to
F. A Mm»XLto O U Agl
b b>^ treaUBeat at the bncpittl

I Sc do/.cn. cookies Sc dozen, fried cakes Sc dozen
I The >.uuc price taa anybody, in any quantity.



tbe beat to be bad.

Beltoe fadtiUca t

Prwetieal Bicyelc BuUd«r
wad B«v«lr«r.

tl^ OaiCB 84.
oiinhi c. * V



aaert of hirtrk.
' f BO you know
KepMlr 1
rnr rt..-k
the value ot
Mew-Office, Markham Bictek.
ago for a hlab.e
ad daLiul fill it willi the dry band, mvw
O P. CARVER. A8-.I .
A religiou* crauade againdl a p'agae lb(- opa ajuu; can-fuUr Icxctba-r uud cov.OlcalerpmarahaebavnatariM) at St.;" **«' tWK with ivriou or Itoa-n cloth
HQatre. Ijocbea
Tlii> will j«evvnt the vatid from eifttog
_ ..
util niid al.(t enniile VoU to ha-at the
rbe Francbgovvrcment m^naklngini„. j.^etog j, 4p ,b.. oven a*
Hlgbe*t price paid at apy point fai
\ quarto* a* If. American a.-o^. with a ,.n Uq. of 1h.- etaw.After oi.iv UMog
HI- LL. THE BAKER will sell bread for 3c a loaf, waur khipma-Dt Tavpgond j -b, to'et
view > adopting at lor qae In tbe thi' avn will never again attempt ta'
FVench navy
wuviiQbr ia*'t a-i fanndi- a-f B sack
a> hi- riin'i fit* wa^ron (>r places oo bread in grocerteb. he
-k pentain
Sentiment to grawtag in Ktwtouod‘ibei^ I
t*y coining to his shop and getting
the best tot
I H Ah Co. block
laiM in favor of aueexaUpn to the
' eti) to- mck.'l up t.. the hark
...................I.all kinds a.} bread at'3c a loaf, regular size loaf: buns United Slatca
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