The Morning Record, November 24, 1899

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The Morning Record, November 24, 1899


American newspapers--Michigan.
Grand Traverse County (Mich.)
Traverse City (Mich.)


Issue of "The Morning Record" Newspaper.


Contributors to the newspaper.


Microfilmed reproduction of this newspaper issue is held at the Traverse Area District Library, Traverse City (Mich.).


Bates, Thomas T. (1841-1912) and Hannen, John W. (1863-1940)




Traverse Area District Library, Traverse City (Mich.)


Excluding issues now in the public domain (1879-1923), Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. retains the copyright on the content of this newspaper. Depending on agreements made with writers and photographers, the creators of the content may still retain copyright. Please do not republish without permission.












Grand Traverse County, Michigan

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Ooloabl* Arrtred «t Bm*>

Bombftrdla^ Camp at
Mooi Riwmr.

aabi witbMBhB»«ti v«d*

Inautvanta are Oonoontratliig
at Montalban.

KMMkbM. No?.
(MuWm. udvebvier bj tbo aUtca
Forae of Filiplaos Said to be Frepariar
ofWtMOMln ud
tea w
to Saks a atsad to Oppeao Atri
Vuf VocM t» latempt Bolief Hrad Is faososW ?Htk i^rhspa tko
oTAisorteaB Amj-eMara) KaoIsrtMi swoust of oosaMSUd tshlsf
Aithu Baa BaiabUahod BtadqoatOUfT«a Ws7 toAld OmotsI Whits astarislsTsr tsksa at oaa Um is
thsos valor,. F. K. Uimfor. dspsty
tan at Tariae. la tha Baaldoa
“ Poiw Vow Bsfs 17,000 'MUsb
Another abipment of tboee
ram wardsa of Wimmls. asd Chaa.
rnsUssUy Bsusd Is.
Fomsrlp Ocoaplsd bp Aroiaaldo.
famona aboea for Imdiea. Broad
Brswstar. of MtehirsB mads ths has)
LocdoB, No?.-M. —Ths Bow, sr,
MasUa, No?, tl.—lonrraats from
cbooaing u to atylea—there
•0« Withta fort7 nUMof PMtanssriti
tbs aorU are oooosntraUar at If oaialare twenty five different onee
hsT(. OSS rsport, Isdsed, plselsf ihea
th of; baa asd Sao Nalso. vbsrs U ta upsetw Isr Mstti M NotUsrhM rood, s BsU were Uhu asd ths foUoviartbsy wUl
tbs Aasrlesa adto eeleet from — Spi«ndid
taoBlnm. .risbbavk. Uokaowe, rases. The Spaaiard, aersr oocaplsd
ahoee these to coel so lillle,
list of Natal. Tbsp bars asic?d ths | sal ths sehooosr Boverp OlrL All; these pisses aad tbs lasarrsato' b^
milvap bstwsss E«teoart aad tbs , wws aetlrely aararsd la flUiinr ia Here tbsB to be Impreraabls.
Mooi riser, tha, laterposlar belwssa tbs closed Mason for troat aad whits-' A rsoonnolMaacs to the aorthwestol
Bildpard's rarrlna of aboai «,ooo ms bh. Fonrtssa
were ai- BaaMatsoos Tusadap <
at ths termr plaea. and Bartoa'a eos- rsstsd and wtU ba prossented on
tact that ths rebels ware norlnr atorss
mad.aanbsrlar about tbs earn, at
Tbh work
! and mu to tfoDUibas. The number
ibslordonslor A. Booth Paokii«
of Insurfenu U onknowo.. Another
Tbs ansa/ has absllsd tbs troops at p„|,.
ee made pestsrdap ahowod
Moot rirw. but hat apparsoUp lafllet---------------------------that aoo rsbeU srere ulrucbsd at
ad llttls damacs. Ths RJera ‘ base
du Msioo aad others In the rallep botbs rmllwap at ssreral polata
tweu there and Mariquloa, where the
Some of them rery man«
aadhanssursdralubls uppUas bp
r jbal outpoau are aUUonod.
uiah, made of henvy kid with
IpoUar ^s tarmi throarbout oae
BpBoUl Meeting Pardon Board csneral Youar Uinrsd Bm Mateo la
ths m«t proaparoat pads of Natal.
thick solet, othern “just med‘Septemosrand foud that ths plaoe
to ba Bald in Lanainff.
Tlslr BtroB^ ta uakoowa. Aeeordwas not sspselallp adapted for a etroo(
i^m"; soles not so heavy,
lar to Burllsh reports It U rartoualp
abupw more modified. The
Wttmalsd from t.oM to 7.000
Then tha Wri^t Casa WUI ba Tabu
Uuaral MaeArtbor baa returned to
nap of Ososral Jou berth
up aad Prehablp OUp<;ssd of^utsd Tkrlaeudrsmbllebsd bsadqasrlem Ih
light eoied, trim shaped ones
Is laeladsd la tbs aumbsr la
That the Ooraroor Will Be-Appolnt Arulaaldo'e former residence. Dnrlnr
toa They’r^ all here, and all
sot kboira. but It ta
from Osrona to
Bums as a Bstabsr of ths Board.
that tbs
have the appearance and dorDscapu not a shot
flrod. Tbs lakafar euesDUatsd.
Imbslnc. Mlek.‘. Mo?. 3t.—It
babluau of 8u Chrlos ml tbs Aamriabilitjr of much higher prired
Ths feet of tbair mouatiaf rant bau dseldsd bp ths 8uu Beard of oaas with s hud formerly attsehed to
«sm to dlsposs of the Idea that Usp Fardona to hold a special mutlnc la tbs lasurrut amp. mad tbs aloads
m morslp raldlnc ud wrscklar- It this clip nuuMondspnlphtfor tbs pur- wItbOueral MaeArtbur ud Coloaal
to assume that It la u poss of furthsr eouldsratlea of ths np- BsU in aeaiTiars,beaded tbt'
tdsanca to fores for
pllenUun of s pnrdoa for Chnrlm T. tbroucb tbs towa. Osnwal MaeArtbur
ihasklnr Osascal Clary before hla eu- ~'rlcht. ths murderer ssrrlnt n Ilfs recslrsduoraUra. .
d. and that on Mptenoe for killlnc Dr. Tbsrbw nnd
8e?srs fightlnr to the aortb of Hollo
• In tbs Mooi rirsr dlstriet Mnrabnll la Bsuis ooantr. This
halmmadlats tutare of tbs war dswlU be latsrastiar
kilted and twuty-d?e woaadad. In-li
t^ who are worklaf in behalf of elndiar thru oaosrs. Tbs tunrruU
Tbs Morntair Post's mUltar? eritle.
tbelr u- areretrutlBC to Bum Barbara, bat
rho. tbfoarhoat tbs campal«o. has orrisa afalnat a eommotettoa of tbs tbs dyh
Sfsntsdlp laid bars tha rul Inward-1 sutwos.
It is intended to farrUon aU tbs i
MS of the altuUu, sbattsriait tbsl It Is suted that after tbs srm- towM M tbs railroad.
bsfirsd br lose far-jmutsin tbs Wrifbl eaas bafors the Ita.ttorrlMi^ UMTt Ui.t Ar.lB.ldo
ors. MSS la ths Bosn board at loaia, while tbs board «
WM not expseUnc an Amarleu adMtbward ad?aass "a brilllut aad usoati?s isssloa. Os?ld Burns mads a ?st)oe foramotttb. wbu rains
to defut tbs rslls?tn( ! motion that thsapplloatioo of Wriphi bars udsd. Be bsd permLi
shlls still atUmpt be duisd. Ths other members did not larrc part of bis army to scatter to their
tbs Plaos for fa?or Immedlsts action. 11 is said that homes to do their harsssUnf
If tbs I
'bleb tbsrsliaf is latudsd.'
one rassM why tbs board was opposed
Bool El?er. Natal. No?. >l -Boer to taklap uUoa at that time was bsaaab^M to sbsU tbs eamp at t eause the eourn proposed bp Buras
hloek Uto momlBC- The Britlata wonld be dlrseUp oppoalu to the action
rlUtarp Is la position oe tbs blrb tabu bp the other thru mmbem at Bsuter CuUom Bslis?es Coagi
roaad to sut. west and aortb of tbs the mesUac la OetroiU Bcaides, they
Wir &>jse: Vinb Bspruu»Um. The artUlsrp dul eontlnnsd did not oars to ha?e it said that public
■tU ■ u’aloea, whu it oaaasd for u opiakm focead tbs board Into
Teu.. No?. :i.-SsuThs H>sra
eburs of tactics.
tw Cnllom arrtssd haes this mornlnr
eloMc aad dropped Uirss sbslU Into
There was. It is said, uotbar object
to attend Illinois' monnasat dsdieala adjsnraiac aritbont aetloa, bow
tin. 8cnst& Cullom. while be bu
A prominent New York official
They are eUU Irlar at laisrrala. but arsr. It appeal, Uiat la aplu of ths
aosotalotbsmtttar. Is bitterly op- uid the ffenerel use of the tele­
eaodamsf,. altboujrb tbslr aim la prepoadsTUcs
of pabilc opinion posed* to
- Brlghsm
" ■ •

Roberta. the Ol
phone had made the tnak of effie.
sod. A patrol of Tbomsperoft'a boras sfalast any clsmucy for tbs mnrdsrbclog suted In the next
ly proU-ciinc life aad properly
M rstarasd from tbs dlrsatlu of ar. bU frtuds base ut ri?u up bops
houM of rsprwsatnU?aa Spukinf of over 50 per cent, easier.
»aad raporu alt quiet tbsn.
offsulncblmoototprlMB. and they
IS matter. Bsnstor Cullom said:
Triephoning in case of tire, ac­
Loadoa. Mo?, il -Tbs ??ar ettos U art tauklac npoa tbs tamlaf down of
“TbeJurlsdlcUon cf that matitsr Is cident or burglary has benomi
kblp eartalB that Uue?al Mr. Bums, ths opponlar member of
uUrsIy in the control of tbs mprcncin recogn'i.*d neceesity.
whsrt Is pfosssdlBC with a larfs tbs pardu board, at tbs uplraUu
bni 1 apprsksnd that ikc
Kvery well regolatI to ths souUiward fer ths purpose bis term next week. By pnttlat tbs
will rsfuu to rt?c him bis
ed boQsebold hu a
PMStlar Ousral COsrp bstors tbs ones o?sr tor uotbsr muth. tbs
on the ground that be Is n violator of
•Msr-a soaesutratloa of foresa U Wrlfbt fseitoa -bope to bn?s it con­
Have you one in
uplsts ud thus asrtoaslp bloeUaf sidered by s board frtudly to the oon the law. The Borne, belnr the sols
judge of the qaallBcatloos of iu mmyoor homeV
IS rallsf of Lady
?iet. B?sry effort has been mads to
tan. has the right to refSM him bte
From tbs aeutp <
ladnos the yoreraor to ume some one
tiebsB from tbs froat it Is difieuU to wbo is in harmony with the other Mat U it daemt It to be la ths Intarsat
rm u opinion of tbs true sllnatlM. members of the board Instead ed rc- of good goseromut to do so. Thera
U s?ec7 indleallon that Mr. BoberU
M BMr'laradsra tas?s already eat off appolaUar Mr. Buns.
roportiouqf lbs Udpamltb rails?Itwas dully arresd that asotber
■■What will bB dons after Ibis. I*do EverVtllinC
« fares Iron Uisir bsM of suppllas. meeUnr be bald But Monday s?«ain{.
Id are adsaaeiaciapldlp toward Ple- at which Ume Mr. Buras will luUt uot know, bet there are some leading
rmarlUburr Uenrral Clerp's altua npon Anal aetlu npra the Wri*hi ap- reprcnentnUvss wbo are leading
ngalnst him. In which 1 believe
» appears Intolerable, sc asriona pllesUu.
they will besneermfnl.*'
ihUar la sxpsotsd at any Um. as
It is more than probable, bows?er,


MAY de;ide



Ti iPubllcfinanlians



atcsasral must slur bb> line of that those who are oonaUnx upon
mmanwatloBs in order to eompleu tnmlnf down of Burns by tbs ffo?era soasutrsUon of. tbs ralis?iat nor will be dlsappolatsd. It is slawd
upon reliable anlhoriiy that Mr. Buns
a Pa?oaia ud will be rwpgointsd, and that bis
! at Dnrbaa today mlmlon will be tssned before bis Ume
tb S.OOO troops- uotbsr 4.M0 are
expires The prestars of public
■tad la a few daj-s
mut from all over the stajs' has bera
IBs Bosra ao<? bare sommud of tbs ttrong. aad the governor bu bsu
itwap from Imdpamltb to Batsoarl.
the atUv
dftom leteourito NottlngbsmUev jutde of Boras ud eondsmalng tta
«a dtaUoyad most of tha bridges ud oibsrmembsi, wbovotsdsvu “lafci^u MU. They are making nlly-toutsadelsmucytoWright.
Msslvas further dlsigrsishls by
Tbenppalnlmul of Bams npon the
■bnrdlng the British at Mooi river


Espids, bU boms.

But bis course Id

Complete Rew Stock
Fane; anil Staple Groceries.

Bsoaah A Ley KsroantUe Oo. Bought
Through B. 4. Morgan a QnuUty
New store now ready for busifor Which WM Faid $3,479.88.
A very Isiga ssls of pU a. I made by n«.-HS. Call-and profit
. prompt
B. J. Margan jrssUrdaj^or Us 31U-; uttaution ami a fnttb stock,
idard Ull Oomnuy. for wbleb he M
agent In Ub city. Tbe sals aggregsted
245 Front Street.
fa.47«.Ma8d Us
by U, Hsnub A Lay MereanUls Oo.
far Ualr enstomsi, aionnd Urand TravFOR^
as Bay.

Mr. Morgu also sold two oarlosds to
itsids parUaa one being UIppsd via
Ue C A W. M.. tbe other via Ue O. R.
A I.
•vsmsnta the Boars now have a total very strongly in bis fsvor, whl« is
There was u advuoe of one-balf ;
IVAOO British sewed up la tbe be-,
firmly demoutrgted by s peUUon
a oent per gallon la Ue price of re­
gad towns, tsdysmlih has 6,<ioe.leading buslnem men of
fined oU yesterday.
lataarly S.OOO. Mafsklng
mm oa tb? board.
svuteu tboauad mu oat of a
U of at.OOO deist Bot luva Gsural TO Oil FOBOl IF SBOBBfiABT.
Jtasdeba Wg army after all
Fxksd Body of IBu Will View Us
WiU Sea )er OtM.
stpsrbapsTU.OM Bosra.
XrataekyOaelal Ccuv
WsablngtoB. D. C-Thb 1m
of Fife. I
^OalUofOraosebarab wUl held! 0^»i«.Ohlo. Nov. ts-Tbs BaPueblo, wbbb sailed from 8u FranM leal Batarday market fta UM su
oboo yastatday. carried two fall raglat Ue Kimball Mule Oo.M ataea' ^*“^*“ ****'• Kutaeky.
muts aad two extra umpaaics of ths
•day attaraooa.
sudaplekedbodyof twuty elUxeu
■nUy orguixod volutosr favaa
to Frukfort to be a
tUaed far servias in Ue PbUlutasi.
X U tbeOabarutorlal
alw eartlsd s^ty
------------■•e of Ue gt.00 aad fiAW Indian' euiaet by Ue stata alestma aommM- four boupltal men. Uras fsmala nmnm
bata we riou at Me An oar ■tu. Tbu rasolvad to asat
.. OsMral m rsertati, ud sis MvlUu electa,
Sum fiMartmwk Tbe UMtan Taylor uO<
' r.ks
' wssfM. I msvlBg a snml tif in oMssra. »,Me
IMS. Ut wiU lores il n
and Uras tamale u sea


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Wm Vot AUovsd hj Board
of BdnestioiL

■M*. T. B&tw An» f. W. Bamwwi9. W. EaOT*. Httor •ai Um€»r

• • • •

Usjul U> Adtt r«i D*w*70«m<D AnwrlMB people ve pre
•mUbt • pmliw epMUole Juel ftt
ihlaUse. oqI^ • lew ebort waebe
•fetk«ti»Uo«rneted AdiotrBi Dewe;
«PtUB BDlted Md epoBtWi
Vantof enUinelMB. vblcb wm jueUj’
Amtrwti. Vel a porely prleeu u»»e•Mice, one which doee not n (Uet npon
fctoabMneterorInVerrItTinany ««•
Mr whaMver, bae broajrDt dews spos
the adnlrai a alonn of abaec which
•boald caoM the Amiiean people
Mwb for rerp ahame. Adntral Dewep.
^•oaatc of penooal iraeoat tn
ble hoBC. the rift of hU admirors. to'
ble wife; and for ihU he U atiakcd
with a riclouneM which iedierraoofal
It U dollare to doofhnou that a
larfo proportion Vho aro eiorniln*
abeat the action of Dewep oerer oon
trtbaUd a oeat toward the pnrehaee of
the booee la Waebln|V>n. Theattacke
vpoa the admiral are uujuel and entlrolp uoeelled for. When it wae drat
aBBOoneed that hebad tranaferred hU
htnat to bU wife there waa a feelinr
of dlaappolBimenl manlfi-atod. Tbih
la qvite natoral. becaute the traDaav
tioB wa* onua^l. Vet It b a common
hblBft in thie ooaatrp for a man to
tmaafer bb home to hie wife; but Ihr
faot that it waa a gift aormi to bare
boM oonalderod a reaaon wbp U«wep
ahoBld not eserobe hb peraosaIJneUn
attano in the matter. Had Dewep
' toded fab propertp onuide hb familp
Horaoaah ooneideratlon there would
bare been aauae for duMtbfacUon and
aarere oriticbm of the aotioB. Bat the
■MTO tramtarlBr the propertp to hb
wife or non doee not warrant aap aneb
bbw* aa that which baa
|he admiral.
U tpitc of the rieioua attache made
. ata‘Mt him. be b ailll the hero of
•UsUa bap and the ahrewd diplomat
whQM rare execuUre abilltp eared the
•aUOB from grare i
moat critical period,
whom the whole nation landed lor hb
■ A marl can bm. brarerp and wbdom.
but the real man eeama to hai
. Icrgotten for an nnwortbp aenllment.
aad the man who waa b«i a few abort
araaka ago the idol of hb coonUpmen
BBd admired bp great mea of other
grant Batloaa. hne become the aab>ct
Of maei«BworthpBbnee. He doee not
^eeerre it. and all trae Ai
dhoald naiteta eondemnatloB of the
poana adopiaJ to bring Admlrnl bew
ap into dbrepnte and to dim iha Inatra
which he bae nohlp earned for hiauelt


dvinaai.iiu eonlinnaa to «
iha aatte old moi
la fanred that the IneurreeUon will
gaallp eueoeed la ■ aocomplbhlng i
aama aad.

Obarlae Norak. Uotm Oilbert aad
. CWIar aabherp to Bepreaent
»gh Sohool in Oebate
The Senior bpoeum held their pre
Jlmlnarp tdehate laat ercnlng' in the
Bigbeebool aeaembip room before
good eiaed audiaaoe. The epeakera
who took part were ehoeen to meet the
rraakUnelnbof Meabteela ihb dtp
aa Deeember.lS la the CUp Opera
Tha preUmlnarp dehau waa oa the
aaoM quaatloB aa wilF be handled bp
the two eoeietiea on Iieoembar 1ft.
which b: ■■Ecaolred, TUt the pnllcp
Of the L'nlted SUtee la the Phllipplnee
b)aatlAable."&Both^aldee were ahlp
kaadlM aad ahowed a great deal of
werli. Tboae who took;part on the
g^rmatlre were Uarld Jtckllng. rraak
«railoa.:Cbarlea|Sal«^p aad Jamee
Wibon Babb. 1. Camr'ec
Borak, Alfred Agara end Moaea OUh«r» handled the negaUre. Tha aide*
alMraated la asking, and Moaea OUh«taad Chae. Halabnrp ga*e the eloa|ag spaaebae for thdr raepceUre ddaa.
Thejodgaa, who'wara Prot Bpder.
Hlw Dowaiag and tMba IMeLaughUa;
dMldad who the Ipaople ehoaid he to
• far# la the ftaal .debate, on the
foUewlagthrMpolnb: "OempoaiUoa,
iWlorlc of artide aad dlauoa, deUrgrp ud arguMBt aad logic.'' The
pabaMal argasMta were Idt oat la
Iha daddoa. The *foUowiag poagg
won were ehaaaa.*harlag the higbeet
paraantagelntbeietdat^aamed: CHm.
Mora. Moece UUbert aad Oarlea
Tha program waa cgehhd jbp aa ex-

adtaatptaaedMtjhp^c Mbace Map
0Mt Jana Strong.

Smead Spatem of ■eatiag and Veat)
latlag la Mew Arditioaa Wot Satta
faettwy aad Parmeat V la Itatarrad
~Ut. Boned Objectad ta Taaebiag
of Phjelcal Caitara ia Schoola bp
Prof. Pipaa. Sat Beard SaacUoaad
It looked for a time laat crcaiag aa
tbongh tbar* might ba ao qaeram at
of the board of edacatioa.
bataome of'the mambecearrlvad late,
and a good amount of badaaoa waa db-

of the atichtlon of the board and waa
tha moat warmlp dlaenaerd. bp Mr
Bmnd on one aide aad all^tbe reat of
the board on the other, wae the
aooe of Prof Pipon in the phpeleal
onltare work of the achoola.
EouoC look ezeepliou
ike action of
Seperlntendect Horn is allowing Mr.
npon to Uke ap the work wUboat
cmaolUng the board. He did not like
the Idea of a man taaching thia work
in the achoola. anpwar. He expraeeed
the idea tn no uncerialn terma, that ha
deeirod that ao ooe be aUowed u> teach
anptbfag la the acbooU withoat the
expraca dirccUun of the board.
Supt. Bomexplaibcd the matter
Mr. Round, aowlng the adtaaUge to
the achool in the work, the oooaomp of
It. the excellenoe uf the laatrneiioo
giren. and the benefit to the teaebera
in belalng them to teach the matter
batter iaicr oa.
Mr. Bound replied that be did not
like It^npwcp. It looked bad, he
aald. and he bcibeed that Prufeoaor
I'lpon waa doing It aintplp aa an adeertbctneni ana for the purpooe of mak­
ing monep. He uaed aome very em­
phatic language, and no one could
‘jumtion hb attitude os the auhjrctAttcr the ezpraeaioii of op niona tap
other membant of the board. Hr. Moore
moved that the anparintandent be
amured of the beartp aanciion of the
board tn the matter. H'he motion waa
Bupported bp Mr. Kingham. anfl waa
earried at once, Mr. Round coating the


$100 Sewtra. tlOO.

rieorge E. Jewett of tlrand Rapida.
t« been iuatalled a* agent of tbtAuerican Rapre**^. In thb city ii,
the place of A', 'i Uuifcr, who recently
reaigned. R A'u.keno,. of W.»oatiaiD.
at.appoiotrd to the pobitioa and begnr. work ill tbe • Oise, but wa* cbligr-i
todbcoM'nurnn actxnut of ill health.
Mr Jewett ba* lumi- U> tbe city to
atap and hb fa'uiily ih here with hliu.
lie haa been coouected with lb*company many year* anO b famili i
Kitb every d.-uil ot the eaprea* bu*i

B wae brongtit op by
Pli-aaant Oyaicr Supper.
Clip Clerk Rickerd from Mr. Bo^rt,
M. Ueoahaw of Slaler't- llouii
who pnt In the Smead speUm of beat­
ing and ventilation In the acboob. The Kurnbhing elure gave e delightful
letter aakod few the granting of an oy»ier aupper and pedro party for the |
order for HaB. the balance dne on the employee of the atoreand their friend*
eontiael It wat abown. however, that Monday evening.
TSm preaebi were. Hr. end Mta. J
the apaum had-not been aecepied as
pet. and that It waa not perfecUp eat- W. Sleter. Mr. and Mr* J H. Shaw.
and Mr* b-rt Moore, Mr. and Mr*
bfactorp. ao on motion of Hr. Moore,
the clerk waa directed to ccnimnnicate K C Sweet. Wt and Mr* Wm MeBogart thb deebion. The MUbael. Mbar* AUti.'rvx-keray. U.-rt
monep b not dec till Krbnurp. accord­
ing to contract.
(The matter of wood for next pear
w^ brought up bp the clerk, aad after
I'otator* b’cupf.i fn-ri iir.o js centooaaidereble abcuaelcm, oa motiMi of <n the local m*-V'tk yiktp'day, with
fur frum if to is cenU at
Mr. Mooie, the temmtttae oa hulldlnpt cullkaelling
tbe atarcb factory
aad grounda waa4Moctcd to advertbe
for the wood aoaded for the ccmlng
pear, with aetborlip to contract for it
to be delivered drp to the varloox
bnildlngt aa ocoded.
ClalBMto 'tbe amount of t*.e«(>.23
ere reported bp
wapa and meana. and on motion of
Mr. Round warn arderad paid.
A apecbl bill of fft> for SO oorda of
wood delivered bp Joe. Boon to the I
WhooDing Cough, Asthma,
Booavllle eohoo) houae, waa allowed,!

Brortchlti* nr>d Inctplerrt
and ordered paid.
Conaumption, te
The treaaurcr mporUd l/s.r:
the timaurp.
The noo-reaident tolllon collected by
»e enperinteodent the paai month waa
reported aa
The report of the anperiuienoeDi:
waa given, and oonuinid eome inieieetlng iUma. The enrollment of the |
tv,, ^MN l|EMUV^
choole haa reached 1.1*00. The matter |
of arrangemenU for oommeaceraent i
waa brought «p. and It wee decided
that the (sUre program ahonld be in
the basda of the gradnaliug claai,
The board decided that there abonld




non-realdent pupil* a chance to apei
abort vacaUoA at their bomea.
The eloaing matter dbpoaed of waa
aAneblonUataathe next meeUng of
the board doee not ooeur until after
the clone of the term, the ealarlee of
tlie uachere ahaU be paid wlibont
waiting tor the action of tbe board.
Xfpos the Attitude ot the United
SUtee In Pkai^lMa.
The bnalneBB meeUng of the Woman “a
Olnb will be held at» p m. today, and
immedlauly toUowiag tbe reporu the
delegaiek W the eUU federation of
Wo«an’e_auhB will be given. The
rogular program will uke the form of
I ec. ved. That tbo at ttadc o( the
United Suue uward the PhllippUeB
b agahMt tha ecublbhod ptitey H thb
eonn^. ^ In oonfilot with higbeet
affirmative wUl he %aaa bp
Mra. Manly C. Dodge, aad tbe n^raUve
bp Mra. J. J. Orap. Mra Daptoa will
And tlaa of the eeaeea at tbe Boston
Stora ft

wrwts wins

Tmr Bympi the

beet congli remedy on eerni, onree a cedd
inaoedapifuks&iatiine. SfiaadfiOcu


B. «■ Hakhell Ohaiged Vlib Vtela■otOoaae BetwMa B’gh Sebeol Team
klaaof aTi'.lage Ordlaaaoe.
aM Kalkuka Thi* Afuraotm
Altoraep#. W. Tatebia wae called
at Twelfth Sti. et Park.
to Oeutral Lake ua the night train
On tbe Twelfth *tr.i t gridiron Ub
laetnigblbpH VI. Hubbell. who wa*
arreated on a ebarge of uklag ordem afuradonai » o'elo:'.- tha loveru of
for allveri.are wiihnnl procuring the football will have an opporiaaitp to
lic.*'.*e r,q •>Tod l-y m n-'>*-iduU deal •ee the gem'played wii’, *11 the earn
era to dd oaaineae. ia Uat village aa oatneaa that High aefa - i f vtbali playprovided bp ordinance. Mr. Ifubbell *r« aa pnt Into It. Tne Kalkaaka
will beAere la foree. with every
waa releaaed oa bia own reoagoiaanee
aad aent for Mr. Tatebju to look after Doeaiblc motive for wloi ing the game.
hiataUreatA. Mr. iVchia auted be^ They have been-defeated in every eeriee
forr leaving ibat ne tb. ugbt the oaa<- of gamee that they have ever played
agalnat Mr Habbel!.*.ou.d not bold, a* wiu a Traverae City team and
he wa* et-nplp Ukiug order* acd not they are determined to win the
•elling dlrcci. eud be believed the eerlm thb pear. Tbe High achool
team of thb dtp b determined that
ordinance did rot cover auch caaee
the aefeat of laat Saturday aball be
wiped out. with aoarea lo apare.
A general admiaaloc fee of
will be diarg^. The price for atu
L\diee Spent the Aficrnoon in Pr.«
iinniaof the High idiooi wlU be i»
table Taetime and Boved Supper
uentt ,
for th* Ifentlemes.
The ladies of the-. Eaatcm' Star
Tbert»4ei4 0f iii'» paper will be
Chapter inatliuted
a _new plan
evening. The membera gathered in been able to core In all lu augm. aud
the.r lodge rooma la the afternoon ana i that ta caurrab Hall'.- I'atamb Cure
•penta few boota with their Um-v 11* the onlp poelllte cur. known to Uir
wnpb >nrf it, •twi.i ponepnatinn
‘ medical fraiemitp. Caurrah beiog a
work and in a«lal eonvetMtlon. «» ■ diiiaae. t-quirea a Sot.
the earlp evenlug the buabandt and (niiollooal treatment. a Caiarrah
familiea of the membera were invited'"
Cure ii Uken icternalty . auilng dlre.-i
to Uke tupper with the ladiea anu ly upon the blood and mucu.-ui »ur
afsarwarda the evening waa devoted to facea of the ayaUm. thereby dealroyieg
the foundation of tbe diaeaae. and giv
muatc. card* and a general good time. Ing the patient auengtb by building
Itb the purpoae of the chapter to up theconatitulton and auiauog na
lake thia an eaUblbbed cuafom once tnre in doiog It* work. The yroprie-,
have *o much faith in it* curaliv each month daring the winter.
pi.wen that -they ifT.-r one hundred
(tnllar* for any caae that It fail* to
cere Send for li*','f te*ilmr>nbii.
Addrete K. J. Ciikk»;i ,\ To . TuU-du.
Oeo. E. Jewati ot Orand Bapida. is
the Place of P. b. Ou.fee.

,..F0R MEN
W.* Dbow tht- only

Thoy nre


Frank Friedrich
118 Front Btr«et

<3 l^urt U firipps in 24 Hsurs.

J. W. SLATER, House Furnisher.

17 Hifr-rem

of Iron Bod. Iron.....................................*3 ISO up
.......... *a76 np

17 ai»ro.„,
White Kuimel ('liaio................

.......................................................... $1,00

Whit.- Knaim;l Roclcwrt...........................................................................$200
This N.i OHIO Iron
heiKhl ol head. 4 Iwt <5 itahra;
heurht <jf f.K)t, a feet 6 im-hee, and ii f«a-l 6 inchew
wide, and A fet't •; in.-hea wid.-. only............. .....................$4 7B

J. W. Slater.

120 Front St.

House Furnishing Store

Will Anderson

Kiiiph Anderson

and Embalmers

.V..-,-), „,ual- W vks-m;'- Wmr.
INK i.y T.MJ .svKri- l-r this u-r.-:
ai ■> fi.tul «liM-..A-. li uuvo lh..i-

Hoth Tclt;phonc.<<, No 43.'

318 I'niou Street

The Hannah & Lay Mercantile Co.
ami tineness of our Jackets are the
pleasing qualities, rhat's why we sell
so many. 'I'he Kersey Jacket made '
to fit and wear well and sell at vjo.
4.J.S. 5.»;o. The Brown Kersey lor
q.po and the light tan at io.oo. The
Bouche Jacket, nicely lined (the part
the ladies like! for 5.00 and a hand­
some line of black Cheviots from 8.00
lo 20.00. A fine assortment of Chil­
dren’s jackets in all materials from
2.50., \\'c give special attention to
this department.

Wisdbn Applied
To Praclice
is callftl prudence and the prudent
man jiracticrs economy, that’s buying
our overcoat!-and paying 5.0c' for a
1-rie/e ulster or the-ame money for
a Kersey overcoat.
They are maile
well they lcK»k well—and wear well
-•-an.i tliese ••• lo.oo Coverts*---io.ckj
Ca'^-'imeres--.15.00 "Warm Hacks.”

We Are
Like Charity
\Ve never fail—^to please our cus­
tomers if they want tables. Kitchen
tables from 1.40, Center tables from
2.75. Dining Room tables, 6 foot ex­
tension Golden Oak finish from .5,75.
Parlor tables, ail manner of shapes,
styles and finishing from 5.50,

“A Little
is believed sometimes, but if you see
how much yarn—and Saxony yarn at
that—we sell you for 5c, you a know
we are giving you the greatest values.
You can have your choice of all col­
ors at 5c the skein.

calls fiir warm woolens that wear
well- woven with warp and woof well
calculatcil to meet with welcome by
all who will wear them. The biggest
seller is our Aool. fleece<l lined under­
wear at 50c the garment. They give
perfect satisfaction.
"There are
others” Swiis Condc_ i.c». Geisha
Hygienit I nion Suits 2.<jo, Michigan
Knitting Co’s goods 4.00. jersey Rib­
bed. all wool, fleeced lined. 6.00.

are sometimes put up in small packkge.'^. So with our Canned Soui>«.
Chicken, Boullion, Oyster. Vegetable
•’* toe the can. Same price buys
None Such .Mince .Meat. .\ew lingland Ihimpkin. \’an Camu s Pork
*k aand
Beans. Vienna Sausage, Js'^eet Com.
Chow Chow. Mi.xed Pickles. Olives.

Department is being constantly in­
creased with goods that are needed.
Office Supplies, I,eiter P'iles at 25c,
Rules, ic, 5c. IOC, 25c, Counter Books
from 5c. Rubber Bands from loc the
bo.x, all manner of Blank Books, all
kinds of Ink. Tablets, all sizes and
prices. Everything needed.

will outwear footwear bought elsewrhere. We mean the Grey Bros
l.Adies Fine Shoes, The inside fin­
ish is as good as the outside finish.
These little extra attentions are all
included in the r^utar price*3J», 3.50
and 4.00.

The Hannah & Lay Mercantile Co.


J ^*iVt i\m!t
«i«n«M«r «t

^ i«t «r «r «i wl

TteCbMieTJis tite Mrtiif sUtioa
vOl h* eoa»plet«d Um week eed Uru­
ed mt' to ibe rovers orok
Hr*. A. N< wkirk ol MutoD.' wbUe
la the wo^d* r*ttteri«kf ceder hoafhe.
feU troia a lor apaa a pa>r o( aaear^.
tMaheara penetratlur her abdonee,
lahietlor a eerlone woeod. which it ie
learad will (Hwa latal.
Mra. N. M. Kaafotaa, oae of the
vealthj aoelctj ladle* of AlarqnetM.
rcUraed Wedaeadaj fenm the KasfMB eamp._aear Ouoonta. hrlnrior
bael^a floe deer which ai.e ebot
^er* Sir*. Kaafnaa’* feat li
■tore renerkahle, a* the total aoaeuu.’
of Muw aake* the gaote bard to track.
Koe la the onijf woman huolar in Marraeite aoasij to hriaf down a deM- *o
Joteph Sfleieaiar loti three flagera la
tha Weat Miefliraii PmUore Oo'a faotorr at HoUand. aad a jnrj allowed
him fliou apiece for them.
A. Ward of I'raoKfort ia aaUbliabinr
twolnnheroampioaartbe aontb end
of Beaver laJaod.
An old law aeldom naed waaenforeed
at Brtrbtan the Mbar dap when a
farmer wa» bronrbt before a iottioe on
a ebarre of croelty to luiAeja. twelve
of wbieii be bad tied bp the ler» eo
Utap ooald not run awap. Ue waa
•eel rvandcoata
At Cotoma Lur^ UiUon, afed a. and
Hap tlilaoB. agti. li fell into the l*aw
Haw river, but tbeiraUter ll.>ra, ageo
I’>. epranr into tbr waUr. and hp hard
work, managed to reaeoc toem. cibe
Uaow u»e berorneot the village.'
Tbeladieaof the ifletbodiat eburcb
of Balding have act an example which
ought to be followed bp everp ebarcb
in the atete. loatead of bavlug the
nanat ehnreb fair thib (ail. at the cXpeaee of weekk ol nard woih (ortbrin■eleea, each ladp will go down .01- her
pocket—or her bueup'a—and tish np «l
aa a conuiouuoo to the church fund,
t'aere will be no bulbcr, and the net
proeeedtwill oe more Ibau te realiicd
on'the average ebnreh fair.
U. T. Aikiabon, of Harbor cipringe,
acme time ago made a valuable diecovtry of lAdiaa nOiea. The
la of Jeauit croaaca. tbe bon.a of
a womaa't Anger with aevoral rlnga on
them, ibe aknil ol
to be LltUe Turtle, tilver platea. tomebawka. arrow taeadt. rifle bnlleU. the
vemalna of a toleacope. Engiiah raaoru.
copper kettle auu other Indian impleMbU. Mr. Atkmaon ia willing to eeli
bU collevi oL. and the price oe puu
■poa it U
Tbe Saginaw health board decided
ralae the amellpox quarantine on H
dap morning. Aiicaaeaare well and
»o new onea have develi pad.
Adraio'a atroeto will not be dUflgurad bp unaigbtlp telephone pole* and
wirea. m tbeCMixena' Telephone Co of
liatplMia now putting ail ita wiree
Ulivc townabip. otuwa oonntp, U
all right ilpruducca more rpe than
anp other m Micbigab. It haa aa a reaident tbe oldeat while ladp in Ameriea
Jeme E. Gilca, a well known Olive
larmer. baa the proud dUUnction of
being the faiber of rw children, nterly
all ^ whom are living ■
John Muigan. of Booth tlamden.
wblle ndii
bru imiTteaa hunter!* r«*^UchtoiVf
e fonwriii
forrariii and lodPFd
lodged at the albriw
Dr. W. V. I.-Vhlk wBk called into
Macion Sunday night to ettend Barry
BnliU. a abol gun victim liV waa out
hunting rabbua. He had miuoted
Btnmp. and the gun atock alipped ov
the edge of It. atriking the bammer
and diachargiog tbe gun.
band wa»aotoro that it waa ampstowr^t. Some of me abot
raining <
(Karlevuix Sentinel


•leena Farewell Surpriac Party br
100 Frreode.
D.‘. and Mr«. L. J. Tedman will re­
move In the near future to Summit
Ci^y. where they will make their home.
In view of tbia fact, komo of tbeir
friend* led bp Mra. M. Vinton, planned
aenrprlkeonthrm lael evening, and
tbongb tbe kuprike wae not complete,
tbe oocavioB waa none the leee plea*•nt.
Over U-J friends were peeeeot at the
on Eaal Front alreel,
andatb^Took’hly good lime waa enjlped bp a 1 A aumptnou* copper
WM eerved to tbe gnehta
Brava Bgp orara.
it harder to overooi______
and Ague, and Tppbuld dl
than aavage cannilialk. but tboutaud*
hare fonnd tbat Eleetrle Rlttere la a
wonderful care for all malarial dl■eaeea. If poo have cbllU with fever,
aebe* la back of nock and bead, and
tired, worn-out feellag*. a trial will
eoavioee yon of tbalr merit. W. A.
Bull of Webb. in., wntoe: ‘•My ehlldrae auffered for more than a petr with
eblUeandfevrr: then two bottlrn of
Bieetriejmter* cured them." Onlp so
bp Jaa
, hrratMAtdein ub CalmbB'i SlMUfl

timbill Piatos ait Oieaas
•treeLN B-Stroag. a

Tbe aeeoad nambarof tbe atudeat'a
lestare aad meeic coune will occur
of Sore ilbpB.
Ibie evening. -UaMle*mUe*.''Vimor
Waehlagtoa. 0. C.. Kov. ts.—The en^b maaterplvee. wiU be preaented
M^elarp of the navp baa adapted, with br Mi** Ida Benfep. who comee direct
aome eligbl change* a* to Ibe tonnage f.-om the I'niveraitp Of Hteblgan noarae
oftbevameU eoMemed. the pngram where ahe appeared laet night* to an
of naval Inercaae rtoommended bp tbr immrnee aadlenee. That the enter'
board of eoaatruclion. and tn bt* an taisment will bea fine one U bepoad
not) to tbr pretidect will advo .11 qoeaUoB. Tbe following la a apn
cate the oonatrncUoo J tbe following optia of the reading: Jmn Va>j>an'a
veaaeia, ooogreea be^ng naked to ap­ Interview with the Biahop. Tbe
propriate the neceeaarp amouni for uar Caampmatbko Affair; • U It right 10
daring tbe flaeal ipear beginning Julp allow an ignoble peraon to enffer poor
1, IMU: 1hrec armored craiaera of paaUhmentthatpon map go free to
aboot it.ooe ton* cUaplaeimeat aaeb: aoeompliah a great good?" Jean Val
three protected crulaeraof about ».0Ui Jiian'adeeiaioD. Coaette. Tbe Escape
too* rUaplacemeat each; twelve gun to the Convent The Gamin Uovroebe
boeuofebout ttuu ton* dtaplacemeni aid hi* Halherlp Care of the Two Chil
tcb. rbe etalemeni that the i
d'en. Jean ta jrau dtac^verc Ooaette'a
tarp ai.i make ih.^t rrci-mjKoiiauon ; L^ve for Mariua. The Barricade and
idmadr aoUiorltivelp.
|tho bevi,er Javert Commit* SuiL-ida
The program
bp- thv!—U li becaotr It aaeuis to him the
board ol ooimtmclion. v.nkbarrved ak'onlv hoBorabie eourae of acUonV Jean
tbe baaU of the beeretarp'a raeommea-1 ValjeanN Laat Bomlilatioo Thr End
daliooa, provided for three armored
Mlm Benfep Imperaonate* eight charcruiaera of about U,V» ton* eaeb.Iactara la tolUng thia wonderful atirrtbree protected eralaera of about
Tbe atory will bp followed bp a Bajf
ton* each, kix gunboat* of about 1,000 hour of Gomedp.
tuna each, aad kix gunboaU of about
Seaa-rn UckeU are'alill being aold.tbe
H'W touk each, 'nie 00I5 change* made ptioe for tbe real of the eouree
bp tbe Becretarp are in paring down ! being no oenU Single admiealon ticket*

Mr*. C. D. Kenpon baa retaraed
fromSiantan. Mieb. where ahe la*
•en vlalUng her aitier fnr two wceka
John Wllbchn retnroad peaterdap
from a boalaa** trip to tbe Boo.
J. W. PatebU Uft Ibbt night on b I
boalnea* trip m Central Lake.

N K. btroag reinrped laat nightiromatHpto Grand Bapida on basl
atmrJ. M. Rlakeelee went to Rapid Clip
laai night on boaineb^ for tbe I'nh-a
SUtca Benevolent uocletp.
G O Oovell retnrued tart night from
Grand Raplda
Mra. G. L. Cc.(Bb retaraed to Thomp•onville laat ereniag, after h.vmg
apent a few dap* viaitlng in the eliy.
Hr and lira charln. M. Watt- rs of
Koebeaier, N Y . left laat evening for
Brn^, u here they intend to apead'
Mia* Ella Honkiuof Interlorhen. re­
turned home laat ev.-aing after apending a few day* viaitlng Mim .Maud
Mr* G. K:rcbDFr of Intcrlochen,
wa« In the city abopplng peaterdap
J W. Uarkbatu has gone 01) a buaineaa trip to Wiarion. Untario.
Mr*. J. C. Weimer haa retorned from
an rilended vlalt with friend* at Ben­
ton Harbor.

Manager Steinberg haa not bad a
claaa, apliuing tbe d Si
week atand for tbe pact eight month*,
tonnage recommended bp tbe board
Mra W. U. Cork aad children of
Tbe twelve gunboatt are deigned heeauae he found bp experience that MapleCitp.areviaiiiugihj fatnlip of
foraervicc :n the Hblllipplnea They he greater nnmber of repertoire O H. TbeU of Weat t>ont iliect
H. Weaver of port Oneida wat in
impanie*. were not np to the atandare to be of light draft, acmewbal aimfBe dtp on buiineaa peaterdap.
ilar to tbe Marietta and tbe Wheeling, ard exacted bp Traverae Citp ami
with belter apeed. Tbe department meat iovrra. Tbe record bp tbe Marke
Kadi- Toung Again.
would prefer to. have even lighter Broe. Co in everp eitp ihep have ap‘•One of Dr. Kicg’k .New Life HilU
* great'^ereaa. I each night for two weekk haa put n.e
draft than tbroe, bat the
I however, conaidrred >0 both ^ preea lm
neaa of kucb abipa waa ^uet
se n. a. T
i public, that Manager Sieinb^ not'{
oMiempaeptown, Ha Tnep're the
| onlp reverted hU iodgmCnt lu regard
*<>r the Uver. St. m—
to booking repertoire compeniea. but; ^Aef^gHplJ.^-oiTl,
Or Z>ensiB Oomek Into a Fortune by |
opportunity u> aecnre] um'e and S K Wuifk drug atorea.
.h. D.»U. of a« D«le.
.1I.0M..0. 11,0.' .how. Tt«, oppo.. |
--------------------------^eavopaattbiauiiyaa an
, Weat .Side, Nov. i... Bill 50 cent*.*
___ _
1 Muk.c bp Helm ann Blaki-.lee.
claimed, bp thed^lh of an‘urcle.lieir' The coming preaanution of Ben-1
to tbe Dauleilb-Donnrgal eatalck orf Hur. the meaterplr.-e of Gen. Lew Wal-1 Chciu
England and Ireland. When in tbia I lace recently dramalired. ia a matter
city. Dr l>onnU claimed to be bp birth \ of more then ordinary Inlereet The
an heir to tbeae eataie* and to tbe I play will make iu initial appearance
-UUe of Lord Hiumanrice.
| at the Broadway Theater. New York.
To Curo • CoM In One Oav.
: The fact-ol bia wealth baa developed | wbOhC atage baa been greatly eo arged
bp a anlt for SlO.OOU damagea againat j to make room for the great acenic pro- lake \Varm-r's tVbitr ... .......... T*r S\ -■
Ik- Iwsl cuugU min-«ly on i-^rUL 'S’
ecrialo pariiet of Nilet. Mica, who|(toetion.
■* cent*. _ _______
charged him with peruonallp appropri- j Whal will make tbU event of more
ating monrp that belonged to a buai-1
lnX»rt*l to Traverae City TbabMt
B Euppenheiaicr aultor overe.wl for
neee conoero In whieta be waa a part-:
«,f tbe theatre ia the fact that
tbe balance of th- w*«k at flit SO at
DM. At the ume the charge waa made the charaeterol Meaaala. tbe leading
the ll-wtoo .Store S
Dr Oeanw bad to lie in jail for Iwo |
in the atorp. U to be token b,
wroka. owing to lack of fueda. .Now , w. s. Hart, well kn-5wn in thia clip,
be baa emplopid foor of the abicat at-; Ut Hart Br.i became a favorlto among
tornepaof NUea.andil*. brought auU 1theatre goer, aa BUeaa .ending
againat ki* aometime paruera for »io.-1
apnearro aeveral timm here
imu damage to perton. credit and |. and
' apent acme week* here one aummer I



Srentiee. the Hrople to Hndorae
Every Claim .Made for
dap tbe M . N K.
road will change time,leaving Traver»e
Oo^obratad t.lhaacery Caac Pecidtd bp 1 City flve mlnniFacarller noth mornirg Or. CHA5E*S OINTMENT
Judge Kapne.
1 and afternoon.
------------The ebancerp cane of Frank C. Bill | a. J. McHenry, formerly commend r
‘’‘he Only Uuarenieed Cure for
V*. JohnA. Djhm-APd Ida B. Dohmiof MePheraon Hoet and a premiMmtj
------------U-iedaitbe laat term of the ctrca.thoeal G..A. R. man. left peaterdap to
coarthtojuaibeen decided bp Judge enter tbe Soldier.' Home .h Orond
Mapae in favor of tbe defendant. Tbe Rapid*.
eaae from a legal etandpoint war one
Hop Allen, a i:pear.old bop from




Mr. Bacon.
alive frofl
Allpn A Boeon Hobllahlng Co., of Boaton and Chicago, viaitod the High
echool peaierdep. He repreaenU prin­
cipally book* in Latin and other odvaneed aubji
Tbe top of toe large bell oo the Cen­
tral building peaterday
purpoae of fire drill. Unlp tbe grodee
participated, but doperin'toodent flora
oanoanoed that tbe upper floor will be
added to ift irih next week. Tbe
lower floo/pupUe wereontof tbeballd
log in 1 mlnutee which wiU be bet­
tered next week.
Mr. Aaborp. a reprceeatotlee of SUeor. Bnrdette A Co., rietted tbe grodee
' tp In the Interaa of hit
He makee a apadahp of hooka
mvak aodtbooka in tbe gradea.
“LIgku to Literatare’* U a new bo^
wbleb baa juet been added to tbe High
echool library. It wUl be a great ^p
. in Lpeeoas work; Almoa Buller a Blgh acbool popU
wbo haebeea ill for eoate time with
typhoid fever, had recover '
Ip to be aUe to atteod
iMt evonli

Don’t You Do

i s.“.“

Doesn’t Pay.

Iq a tpastu of ibUe teemonty
, you may nay to youncifx
“ Kiy o.j Uiat.'r t r OvcrcOAt
wiD pwO through another




caoic down to the t'.or« and
take a look at thoag KUPFENHSL\!ER hi^h grade'
garments and no:c the vc^y
little prices ure have tagged
oo them you'ii aUow that
lire’s too thofi to he devoted
to wearing out old clotha.

Vinter Weight Coverts—
Prim* Favontm.
Dressy Kerseys—
Blue, Blaek. Brown.
BUaaArd-Dch'iAZ Ulsters—
Smoother Shaggy.

Th’. I.™.-!


Hi ■« |_

a KL'PPEM;F.1.V.ER 4 CO. ’


. v«,k.OT.raihi.e*t««»kik,.

The Boston Store



\Vc baw cuntidvacc that our stiot-s
will please you. Here are some of
our fall shapes.
«>ur Winter Bool, Calf Lined.
Damp ProofT-we have them in color­
ed or black calf enamel, double s<A.-s
for jL*. ♦: 50.
Kiver Shoes in calf and grain leath­
er, hiirh and low cuts for $1.80,
'2.15. $2.4'' an«l higher priced if you
want them.

135 Front Street

iBkuia. an kold man-Oi< yeara of age. t an axe. wat dreeaed by Dr. Moon.
; To any tb-.i Di. Cbtke'k Oiotmeui u
pokictoed 'It a little farm of 40 aereej The review of Truverue City Tent.'
*broJnie core for Wind,
ching. '
K. i> T. M . will bu called to' bl^Hng or (irotruding
pile, i* but to
.. P*l
"‘PPl*** "’*«>
io-dcr'ihia i-venlnu
op Ihe evi.leare of__ ______ _
venlng at
at -: too'
«k abarp
inaiiktn ana wiin no mauont that h* o*def
early, t, letter* *bicb <lailt come to tbcaeufbre*.
Mr. M. A CrcKauian. wbo reme*eaU
"ud a'biling,-Boflale.
” *
I Uekkr*. VoaburK’b «ud
thi- pia.-eto Mra. U.>Um for bU life i leoinre to do ao
N.Y., wmck: -I
auppun. at the time be WM in hi* or-] Tbe Ificat court
ilfi.iog pile* lor ten ycark.
dmarp beeltli. eble to gel aronnd. and
came to Traverae Clip to nave tbe pa­
per* made out. A ahorl lime after he
waa token alek and died laet December.
Biaaon Frank, who left hi* faiber' ikle city
Ibiriy year* ago and bad never aince ‘
8. C. Deaper* entertained Wedviviled him reiurned and fl.ed a bill to
honorof ihewrfding j Dr. Cbk*e'» Ointmenil is endorseil
—I Oik devA maid.- Xhi. hk. I....
1 *nnl*er»arp of Mr. and Mr*. O. W Ce . Ibe beat pbvdtcikna. and baa a record r1
*■1 toe deed toid,^ TLi* baa juti been S;^^rre Tbe gneatt at the wedding I cute* uopn.lle.rd in toe hivtorv of
denied by Judge Mayne and toe bill! were (weeeni at ihl* happy oanlveruarp . medicine, li i* a poaiiive cure for pile*,
diamikacd wUb coaU.
j oecaaion.
i and i« guaramced ai «urb. It ia ib'
Mc*era. Hratt A Oarl* appeared for
A marriage lleeoaewa# Imued yeatorV“
tbe eomnlainant and Hatobin' A Cent I <3*5
*“<1 »*'* Bertha 1 kbo*"
to core the moit acriou
iberompiainaot.annt'atobto a Crot- Mutton, both of Whitowator
bl.nd. itching,
bleeltog or proWbilewnler town-1
aer lor toe detendanto
- ^
j truding pilea Dr. A. W. Cbaae’a Ointa box. at all dealer*, or
Tbe ladle* of the Etotero Star enter-1
"i?. TL’I K
' Mali
e Ce.. Bufialo.
Blgh School HotM.
toio^tbe geoUemen at supper lakt'^''^^


The L3ostQn Store

Tbe Practical Shoe Man




Sidewalk Lumber in all size*.

Sucoafpors to " ravorna City Lumber Co

J. LGreilick Co.

Gtve SpVTve

Doors. Sash. Mouldings,
-Fine Jltili;Work

6V £>&&.vcs' 'W.Tv^fcTMjea.T

Cold weather is. coming.
\0 WT ccnl

tecum ue

■luM t)w\s okVs.
Stiee t—k—t ml S.

J. W. Milliken.

NowTs the time

to place your orders for


Grilles made to Order in any Finish Desired.

J. E, Greilick Co.
Telepbooe No. 2

Traverse City, Mich.

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