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Remains of an old resort and Dick Basset's house on Basset's Island

Baby photo of Lockwood J. Spaulding

Boat "Crescent" of the Traverse Bay Line

Negative of boy painting a boat at the Shady Trails Speech Camp.

Negative of a boy washing up in a bathroom at the Shady Trails Speech Camp.

Children on bicycle's in Cherry Festival Children's Parade

Number family photo
#1 Laura Chalker #2 Lawrence Kyselka #3 Ruth Kayselka Jackson #4 Louis Kyselka #5 Lottie Herbert #6 Grandma Kucera Mother's Mothe #7 Anna Kyselka #8 Mrs, John Kyselka #9 Chas. Herbert

Black and white, Michigan 34th, company M, Spanish American War. Copyright 1898. Probably taken at Camp Alger. Names of men listed on mat. Condition good. Wood oak frame - good condition.
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