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A man pining an award to a woman's dress. There are two other men and three other women standing behind them. There's a desk to the right.
Fifteen newspaper carriers sit and stand in front of a building, some holding copies of their newspapers. A gentleman stands in the lower-right corner.
Will Avery's popcorn truck (converted Model T made by a company called Cretors) parked near the Cass St. bidge entry to Clinch Park. c.1930's. Will died in 1935.
Two photos of Frank Shader party from May of 1956. Fourteen men are seen standing or sitting around a dining table. They are dressed in suits and ties. Second photo shows two men shaking hands. One is presenting the other with an envelope.
Class of 1912-13 County Normal School students sitting on a beach. There's a small boat on the shore. Fifteen women and one man pose for the photo.
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