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4 photos including Margaret Petertyl , upper rt. small photo. Lower photo: Victor and Louis Petertyl in family car with sister Ruth(?) on running board, family home in background.

3 photos including: top left, Louis Petertyl in military uniform and sister; sister on upper rt., Minnie(?). Photo at bottom of pg. is of Louis' aunt and 2 sisters doing needlework outside the Victor Petertyl home.

3 photos including: upper left, Louis with duffle bag. Upper right: 2 women and child in carriage, Petertyl family home in background. Bottom photo includes Louis Petertyl and unidentified male with 4 women(sisters?), 2 of them holding large boquets…

Photo of Petertyl family home in T.C.

photo of Victor Petertyl family automobile, parked in driveway presumably on 419 6th street. Appears to be Victor seated in car and one of his daughters standing along side it.
House at 419 Sixth Street which was owned by the Victor and Margaret Petertyl family from 1907-1972. The date under the photograph is June 1905.
Black and white photograph of seven girls sitting on the porch at the Victor Petertyl home at 419 Sixth Street. The girls in the front are identified as Grace (left) and Ruth (right) Petertyl, and at the rear Marge (second from left) and Minnie…
Black and white photograph of Ruth Petertyl holding a pony cart with an unidentified child in the cart. The pony cart belonged to either Gwen Santo or Leonard Pratt, the next door neighbors of the Victor Petertyl's on Sixth Street.
Black and white photograph of a young child identified as Jennie Louise Meckel feeding the chickens in the backyard of the Petertyl home at 419 Sixth Street, September 1915.
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