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3 photos: upper two photos of females, one on left is his sister, Ruth Petertyl(?). lower photo:
Victor with Louis Petertyl in uniform.

photo of Louis Petertyl in WWI uniform with his father, Victor, family car in background with american flag attached, other family members in vehicle.

5 photos include: top of pg. Louis Petertyl in military uniform with various family members . Photo at bottom of pg. : Louis on rt. with unidentified male.

6 photos of Louis Petertyl in military uniform with various sisters and by himself. One photo shows Louis doing the laundry in an outdoor tub, presumably at an army training campj.

(a) photo of soldiers marching in uniform with rifles down town.

photo (a) man posing in front of Campbell's Drug Store, shows the large descriptive sign painted on the outside wall of the store. (ref: 1287.072013.33
photo (c) a soldier posing in front of large army tent in his "fatigues". Tent is open…

3 photos including: top left, Louis Petertyl in military uniform and sister; sister on upper rt., Minnie(?). Photo at bottom of pg. is of Louis' aunt and 2 sisters doing needlework outside the Victor Petertyl home.
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