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photo of Louis Petertyl in WWI uniform with his father, Victor, family car in background with american flag attached, other family members in vehicle.

postcard photo of Elmer Turnblum in military uniform

(a) photo of soldiers marching in uniform with rifles down town.

photo (a) man posing in front of Campbell's Drug Store, shows the large descriptive sign painted on the outside wall of the store. (ref: 1287.072013.33
photo (c) a soldier posing in front of large army tent in his "fatigues". Tent is open…
Portrait of Lt. Conn. M. Nelson, in military uniform.
A group of men in matching military uniforms are lined up on the steps to a building. Some are holding rifles. An American flag is positioned in the middle of them.
World War II - Japan: Photo album owner: 1) Kofu, Japan, Camp Vaden, 2) "Hi", 3) "Skinny", 4) Koizomi,. Japan, June 16, 1946, 5) "Our theater is in the background" 6) "On the steps to our main barracks", 7) no info, 8) "Robin Hood" 9) no info,…
Three black and white photographs of Military personnel not identified, World War II - Japan, 1956. The first one is a male standing by a Jeep. The second one is of four males. The third one is one male.
World War II - Japan: Personnel and arms: 1) Two 5 x 5's with a 105 shell - Sgt. James Paige & Your's truly. 2) B-Btry in position, Camp Weir, Japan. 3, 4) no info, 5) The "GI" in the forground just puled the lanyard and the Howitzer is in…
Smith, Sargent William
Sargent William Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Smith of Washington Street arrived home this week on a 10 days furlough. Sargent Smith was formerly city editor of the Record-Eagle. He returned to his California base early…
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