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Military camp ground showing american flag flying, tents, and horse, people in the background.

2 photos of world war I submarines (a & b). both show several submarines in unidentified port.
Portrait of Lt. Conn. M. Nelson, in military uniform.
A group of men in matching military uniforms are lined up on the steps to a building. Some are holding rifles. An American flag is positioned in the middle of them.
A military band appears to be at rest. Instruments are held at the side except for the fellow with the large drum. The photo itself is washed-out, showing the scene in stark contrast that makes it difficult to read. There appears to be a few shops…
Potter, Homer B. - Sgt. Co. 1, 17 Michigan Infantry

This is information provided by a knowledgeable local genealogist, July 2017: "This is the Civil War military headstone of Homer B Potter B. 1831 - D. 1 Mar 1864, Knoxville National Cemetery,…
Black and white photograph of Major Arthur Wermuth being awarded the bronze star medal by Captain F. A. Sadowski, Commanding Officer of Recruiting Headquarters at Traverse City, January 1946.
Black and white photograph of a Military Man in the Army Air-Corp, 1940-1950.
Black and white photograph of military formation marching on the Fairgrounds.
Black and white photographs taken after World War II in Japan, 1946: Living Quarters: 1) The Left end of our Living Quarters 2) C.P. of 99th & 271st F.A. Bn - On the top Floor From the Main Entrance to the Left Corner of the Building 3) Inside…
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