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World War II - Japan: Troup pictures - no additional Information
World War II: Fort Sheridan 2 - September 19, 1944. Large group of men in similar military uniforms stand outside the fort. One in the front middle holds a sign that says Fort 2 Sheridan.
World War II - Japan: Photo album owner: 1) Kofu, Japan, Camp Vaden, 2) "Hi", 3) "Skinny", 4) Koizomi,. Japan, June 16, 1946, 5) "Our theater is in the background" 6) "On the steps to our main barracks", 7) no info, 8) "Robin Hood" 9) no info,…
Three black and white photographs of Military personnel not identified, World War II - Japan, 1956. The first one is a male standing by a Jeep. The second one is of four males. The third one is one male.
Frank Noteware of the US army standing on Webster Street during winter
Black and white photograph of Major Arthur Wermuth being awarded the bronze star medal by Captain F. A. Sadowski, Commanding officer of Recruiting Headquarters at Traverse City, January 1946.
World War II - Japan: Living Quarters: 1) The Left end of our Living Quarters 2) C.P. of 99th & 271st F.A. Bn - On the top Flor From the Main Entrance to the Left Corner of the Building 3) Inside our barracks 4) Inside our barracks
World War II - Japan: Misc scenes of people - No info except 2) "The Clipper Little Nipper"
Major Arthur Wermuth and wife, Jean shown in their new homje at Traverse City, Michigan shortly after the "one man army of Bataan" had returned here from four years of warfare and imprisonment 11/13/45
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