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A group of men in matching military uniforms are lined up on the steps to a building. Some are holding rifles. An American flag is positioned in the middle of them.
Black and white photograph of a group of soldiers from the Hannah Rifles, 1898.
Black and white photograph of Hannah Rifles, Spanish American War soldiers from Traverse City. (Names are on the second picture.)
Black and white photograph of Steinberg's Opera House, E.E. Miller's Drugstore, with the Hannah Rifles marching past them on the wooden sidewalk on Front Street, 1895. In its heyday, Steinberg's Grand Opera House was hailed as the finest theatreā€¦
Black and white photograph of five soldiers of the Hannah Rifles standing by a tent at the fairgrounds, 1895.
J. B. Smedley, James C. Woodworth and William Clune of Company M, 34th Michigan Volunteer Infantry which served in Cuba during the Spanish American War. Company M started as the Hannah Rifles organized and outfitted by Perry Hannah.
Group photograph of the Company M. 34th regiment of Michigan volunteers in the Spanish American War.
Group Picture of the Hannah Rifles.
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