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Photograph of the 1953 National Cherry Queen, Everil Meloche, riding on a float in the parade. The 100 block of East Front Street can be seen in the background including the Beadle Building, The Scoop, and Graham Electric.
Black and white photograph of the Beadle Building, northwest corner Front and Cass Streets. Also, an article about the building being built in 1888.
Photo of circus parade on Front Street with view of Beadle, Old Setters and First National Bank building.
Overviews of a parade on Front street at Cass with the First National Bank building and the tourist information building (later the Old Settlers Association building) in the front left.
Picture of two ladies in front of the Hanah & Lay store on Front Street. One is sitting in a buggy. The Beadle building is in the background.
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