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A $5 First National Bank bill signed by both C.A. Hammond and Henry Hull. 1885 series.
Black and white photograph of the interior of the First National Bank.
Black and white photographs of the laying of the cornerstone, First National Bank, 7/30/1908. The first building was directly across the street, and had been built in 1889.
Hanley by First National Bank sign 3 miles from T.C.
A Photograph album of pictures taken by Hanley Wilhelm and his friends taken before WWI of their trips around the area.
The First National Bank started in the Hamilton Milliken building on Front and Cass Streets.
Photo of circus parade on Front Street with view of Beadle, Old Setters and First National Bank building.
Overviews of a parade on Front street at Cass with the First National Bank building and the tourist information building (later the Old Settlers Association building) in the front left.
Milliken Building, home of the First National Bank from 1889 to 1909.
Photo of circus parade on Front Street; with view of First National Bank building.
Zapf Fruit Packaging Company float that participated in the First Blessing of the Blossoms Festival Parade in Traverse City, May 22, 1925. It was a horse-drawn wagon carrying a number of people and the words E-Z Pak on the front. It is shown on theā€¦
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