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Clinch Park aquarium.
Aerial view of Clinch Park and marina.
Photo of Crowd near the Con Foster Museum.
Photo of Clinch Park Locomotive
Two Peck postcards of the miniature city in Clinch Park. a) Portion of Miniature City b) Miniature Pere Marquette Station
Quintuplet racoons at the Clinch Park Zoo.
Mavis Loken, probably a member of the Cherry Festival Queen's Court representing Manistee, with Con Foster planting a pine tree outside the Con Foster Museum
Six photos of raccoons at the Clinch Park Zoo 1-2) Raccoon cleaning its face 3-4) Raccoons climbing on "No Dogs Allowed" sign 5) four baby raccoons 6) Raccoon in tree
Photo of birds sitting on buildings in Miniature City
Entrance to Clinch Park, ca 1940
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