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Black and white photograph of the corner of Division and 11th Street, looking North East, 1898-1912. A snowy winter scene.
Black and white photograph of an aerial view of the area south of the intersection of Division Street and Grandview Parkway, 1940-1954.
Black and white photograph of Joseph, Anna, Christina, Nellie and young Christina Dloughy in front of their "Slabtown" home on Division Street, ca. 1900. A Bohemian family, the children attended Bohemian classes every Saturday to maintain their…
Six black and white photographs of Cherry festival parade cars and floats.
1. 1959 convertible, with Queen's Crown Bearer Jan McKinley riding in it.
2. 1959 Children on float, with John C. Morgan boxes on it.
3. 1959 Soldiers by float
4. 1960…
West Side Catholic School. Immaculate Conception Catholic church of Traverse City was on the top floor until the early 1950's when a new church building was constructed. The school building in the pictures is now part of the Immaculate Conception…
Houses at the corner of Division St. and 11th St. Looking southeast.
Oversized postcard picture of West Bay shoreline looking west toward Greilickville from the foot of Division Street. The early hospital is visable near where M-72 ends at the bay. (Printed in Germany.) Titled: "Along the M and N E R R west of town…
Shell Gas Station, northeast corner of Front & Division - Night Shot
Residence of F. A. Dean at 122 S. Division Street. He was in the grocery department of the Hannah Lay Mercantile Store.
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