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The Acme store located on the SE corner of US-31 and M-72. The man at the far right is identified as Elba Clark. Picture is perhaps taken after church or a social gathering. (Note the sign for Traverse City cigar maker Alfred Jahraus' cigars over…
The Morgan orchards near the corner of M-72 and M-22 overlooking West Bay.
Oversized postcard picture of West Bay shoreline looking west toward Greilickville from the foot of Division Street. The early hospital is visable near where M-72 ends at the bay. (Printed in Germany.) Titled: "Along the M and N E R R west of town…
Overview of Traverse City looking SE from a hill above the intersection of the present M-72 and M-22 near Greilickville. (Present site on a Tom's Market.)
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