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Black and white postcard of Bay Shore Drive north of Traverse City, postmarked 1933. The location is likely around Grellickville. Bay Shore Drive later became M-22.
Aerial Photo of Rennie Oil Co.tank farm and Sinclair Refining Co. tank farm, both set west of M-22 in Greilickville. West Arm Grand Traverse Bay can be seen at the bottom right of the photo.
Norris School on Cherry Bend Road and M-22 (NW corner). The school was built in 1877 on land donated by the Norris family. During the 1950's other one-room schools joined Norris, Hatches Crossing in 1953, Lautner in 1954 and Solon in 1956. Norris…
Two unidentified children throwing snowball near Norris School.
The Morgan orchards near the corner of M-72 and M-22 overlooking West Bay.
Oversized postcard picture of West Bay shoreline looking west toward Greilickville from the foot of Division Street. The early hospital is visable near where M-72 ends at the bay. (Printed in Germany.) Titled: "Along the M and N E R R west of town…
Overview of Traverse City looking SE from a hill above the intersection of the present M-72 and M-22 near Greilickville. (Present site on a Tom's Market.)
A school bus and children by Norris School.
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