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Black and white photograph of Hanley Wilhelm by First National Bank sign, 3 miles from Traverse City, 03/14/1915.
A Photograph album of pictures taken by Hanley Wilhelm and his friends taken before WWI of their trips around the area.
Black and white photographs of the laying of the cornerstone, First National Bank, 7/30/1908. The first building was directly across the street, and had been built in 1889.
Black and white photograph of photos and explanation of the Board of Directors room and a private office in the First National Bank, 1909.
Black and white photograph of a circus parade on Front Street with view of the Beadle building, Old Settlers Association and First National Bank building, ca. 1895.
Black and white photograph of the interior of the First National Bank.
Black and white photograph of The First National Bank started in the Hamilton Milliken building on Front and Cass Streets.
Front and Cass St. Hamilton & Milliken and First National Bank block.
Residence of John Beadle, harness manufacturer and Director of the First National Bank. State Street.
Rotary Club float that participated in the First Blessing of the Blossoms Festival Parade in Traverse City, May 22, 1925. It was a decorated truck with children riding in the back with the Rotary gear and the words "He Profits Most Who Serves Best"…
Photo of circus parade with several elephants marching down Front Street; First National Bank, Sherman and Hunter Menswear and Old Setters building in view.
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