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Color photograph of West Bay from Bay Street, ca. 1975.
Two black and white photographs of a group at the shore on Grand Traverse West Bay, 1860-1900. Marion Island is in the background.
Color postcard of West Grand Traverse Bay from Marion Island.
Overview of Ford Island (Marion Island) taken from the Freidrich Tower on Old Mission Peninsula.
Marion Island with picnic members.
Seven photographs of boats and planes on Grand Traverse Bay near Ford Island. a) photo of small plane landing or taking off from Grand Traverse Bay b) small plane on Grand Traverse Bay c)men on boat on Grand Traverse Bay d) boaters near Ford Island…
Boat at the dock on Marion Island. The attraction on the island was a dance hall. The hall was actually located on Basset's Island which is now part of Marion Island. The dance hall is long gone.
Two photographs of fishermen near Ford Island. a) Two fishermen in a boat. b) Four men standing on shore next to boat
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