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Black and white postcard of Bowers Harbor and Neahtawanta from Frederich Tower on Peninsula

Color postcard sent in 1908 of Neahtawanta Harbor on Old Mission Peninsula.

Series of photos showing the family vacationing at Neahtawanta Pt. area, beaches, cottage etc. on Old Mission Peninsula, T.C. includes swimming costumes, canoeing(p. 33-34), the livery (p. 32) specific photos of cottage "Idlease"(pg. 35) screen porch…
Approximately forty people and one dog sit on the steps or stand on the front porch of the hotel. The people are comprised of both adults and children of a wide age range. The dog is a fluffy white terrier, sitting in the second row next to two…
Black and white photograph of the boathouse and dock at Neahtawanta Resort, ca 1929.
Black and white photographs of the Peck Resort packet: Docks, Wequetong, 6th Street, Front Street, Asylum, Courthouse, Kesis Mokesa, Birchwood, Edgewood, Neahtawanta, Omena, Cedar Lodge, Stoney Point.
Black and white photograph of the road and beach at Neahtawanta.
Color postcard of the road to Neahtawanta Resort on Old Mission Peninsula, 1908.
Boat "Lou Cummings" at the Neahtawanta resort pier.
Ne-ah-ta-wanta Hotel advertising card with location, transportation, and other information on the back. Front of card shows the exterior of the Hotel.
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