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Rotary Club float that participated in the First Blessing of the Blossoms Festival Parade in Traverse City, May 22, 1925. It was a decorated truck with children riding in the back with the Rotary gear and the words "He Profits Most Who Serves Best"…
The original board of Rotary Charities. L-R: Dr. Frank Power, Doug Linder, Graham Kevill, Art Huey, Bill Kildee, Bruce Needham, Jack Bensley. Kneeling : Pete Strom.
Black and white photographic postcard of a group of three men and three women in 19th century period costume. They are in costume for the Traverse City Centennial Celebration that took place from June 29th through July 5th, 1947. They are standing in…

2 photo contact sheets of Rotary Event
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