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Deb Taylor (on left) and Marge Petertyl (on right) laying down outside the Petertyl home wearing period dress.
Black and white photograph of the Elmwood School Graduating class, 1914. The students are Zimmerman, Steinberg, Wiedoff, Taylor, Lidle, Hastings, Hughes, Williams, Hollister, Klepac, Epps, Hanslovsky, Pierce, Scott, and Curtis.
Black and white photograph of the Seventh Grade class at Central School - Miss Sarah Prall, teacher; Harvey, Lazarus, Scott, Taylor, Lahym, White, Winnie, Carter, Steinberg, Deer, Courtade, Petertyl, Easterday, Dill, Gilbert, Hughes, Colby, Smith,…

Black and white postcard of the Williamsburg School children and teacher, 1905. While the original image has significantly faded most of the names of the students listed on the back of the postcard are viewable. It appears the listing of the names…
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