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Black and white photograph of the Pere Marquette Station at Stratford, Kalkaska Co.
Black and white photograph of men, and a few women, standing at train station during World War I, in the snow, 1914-1918.
Black and white photograph of a large crowd at a train station, with a train at the station. Some of the crowd members are holding flags, there is a banner on one of the train cars, and a few of the crowd are on the roof of the station building or…
Black and white photograph of Marge Petertyl (in black and white hat) boarding the train at the
G. R. & I. Station in Traverse City on her way to Kalamazoo College. It was taken on September 14, 1914.
M & NE train station in Traverse City c. 1915
Large group of people wait at the railroad station. The train cars are decorated with bunting. It may be the leaving or return of the Traverse City Spanish -American War soldiers, the "Hannah Rifles".
A postcard painting depicting the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railway passenger trains at Petoskey's suburban station.
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