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Black and white photograph of a Traverse City High School band, undated but probably from the first quarter of the 1900's.
Two black and white photographs of a School Meet at the Park Place, September 1946, Unknown Board Members.
Glenn Loomis, a principal and later superintendent of schools is sitting on the left, the one with glasses and the long neck tie.
Black and white photograph of Traverse City High School class of 1898. It is a collage of the students, including names of each student.
"First Class Day" Traverse High School 1909 (Probably the Senior class.) - perhaps around Graduation Day
Construction of the 4th Ward Union Street School. D.E. Scofield, is identified at the top of the tower.
Traverse City basketball team from 1910. Probably a high school team.
Traverse City School Bus # 7 outside Central School
Early Traverse City High School football team.
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