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Two men, wearing decent clothes, fishing in a small boat.

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A small shack built on top of a raft floating in the bay, with two tress standing in the foreground.

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Five boats race in Spider Lake. Three are clearly defined, with two partially hidden by the spray of water. A forest can be seen on the shore in the background.
Queen of the Lakes has a lot of deck space with a cabin and smokestack in the middle. A dock is behind it with a cabin to the left of the photo.
Steamer with many passengers and crew posing for the photo. The name "CRESENT" is printed over the door to the captain's cabin.
Boat at Parade of Sails 1987
1940's power boat on unidentified lake.

Photo of cabin crusier on the bay.

Outboard racing boat on an unidentified lake.

Color photographic postcard of "Yachting at Traverse City, Michigan. At Traverse City is located one of Northern Michigan's finest and most modern yacht basins with a beautirul protected harbor on Grand Traverse Bay. Owners of beautiful cruisers and…
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