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A coast guard ship at dock, with many people gathered both on the ship and on the dock itself.
A colored photo of the Steamers Columbia and Illinois at the Traverse City dock, ca. 1906. Text below reads "Strs. Illinois and Missouri at Dock, Traverse City, Mich. 35 Copyright 1906 by Orson W. Peck, Trav. City, Mich."
Queen of the Lakes has a lot of deck space with a cabin and smokestack in the middle. A dock is behind it with a cabin to the left of the photo.
Steamer with many passengers and crew posing for the photo. The name "CRESENT" is printed over the door to the captain's cabin.
Black and white photograph of the cargo ship City of Grand Rapids entering Charlevoix. The City of Grand Rapids was a steam propelled vessel that was set fire to at dock in Little Tub Harbour on the Bruce Peninsula in Lake Huron. After being towed…
Black and white photograph of a Shipwreck on June 4, Serburt, Standard Oil tankers, Beaumont Parks.
Black and white postcard of two ships docked at N. Manitou Island, Michigan, ca. 1913
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