Suggested Reading - Old Mission Peninsula History

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Suggested Reading - Old Mission Peninsula History


Suggested Reading List - Old Mission Peninsula History


Suggested Reading List - Old Mission Peninsula History


Mary Morgan


Local History Collection, Peninsula Community Library, Traverse City, MI


Peninsula Community Library


April 24, 2021


Mary Morgan


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Peninsula Township, Grand Traverse County, Michigan

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Suggested Reading - Old Mission Peninsula History
Peninsula Community Library's Local History Room Collection

100 Years From the
Old Mission - A
Century in Grand
Traverse County.
1839 - 1939

Barnes, Al

Copyright 1939. A thin book with hand drawn illustrations accompanied
by a few short descriptive paragraphs. A few pages on the Native
Americans in the region, some good information on Peter Dougherty and the Mission, a bit about Perry Hannah & A. Tracy Lay. A really good "Famous Firsts" about the region in the back.

History of the
Ottawa and
Chippewa Indians of
Michigan - A grammar of their language, and personal and family history of the author.

Blackbird, Andrew J.

Copyright 1887. The author was the son of a Chief, descended from a tribe from the far west known as the Undergrounds, he was raised among the Chippewas. His last named is sometimes referred to as Black Hawk. For a period of eleven years, he was the postmaster of Little Traverse (aka Harbor Springs). The book contains an account of the earliest history of the Ottawa tribe of Indians, including their traditions. Primarily stories about the tribe that lived in Mackinac and in Cross Village (Arbor Croche). Includes where they lived and leader names. Includes narratives of Indians legends. Recounts treaties that were made and broken by the US Government. P. 55 details his arrival in Old Mission to learn the trade of blacksmith.

The First Protestant
Mission in the Grand Traverse Region

Craker, Ruth

First published in 1932. A good overview of Native American life in the region, the arrival of French traders, as well as Catholic and
Presbyterian missionaries, excerpts from Rev. Peter Dougherty's diary of life at both the Old Mission and New Mission. Provides insight into everyday life, as well as introduces the names/stories of individuals in the community not typically covered in other books, including her grandfather, George, who lived at the Mission for over 40 years.

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A Chippewa Primer

Dougherty, Peter

Copyright 1884. Chippewa/English translation of many common words. Was used in the Native American schools.

The Eagle Returns
The Legal History of the Grand Traverse
Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians

Fletcher, Matthew

Copyright 2012. A very readable book detailing the legal travails of the Anishinaabe community (today known as the Grand Traverse Band) as they dealt with the arrival of the white man in Northern Michigan. Chapter Two has the most detail around the settlement in Old Mission and their ultimate move to the New Mission in Omena.

A Study of Michigan’s Major Tribes

Frazier, Jean

Copyright 1988. The title of this book is the phonetic spelling of the Chippewa word meaning "we see each other". A slim volume detailing the major foreign influence episodes in the life of the three major tribes that have lived in Michigan - the Chippewa in the North, the Potawatomi in the South, and the Ottawa around Mackinaw, the Traverse Bays, and Saginaw Bay.

Barns of Old Mission Peninsula
and Their Stories.

Johnson, Evelyn

Copyright 2006. Great photos of barns (color and black and white) on
Old Mission Peninsula, with interesting backstories of the farms and the families who owned them. Details the physical construction of the barns, as well as year built.

Blackbird’s Song.
Andrew J. Blackbird and the Odawa People

Karamanski, Theodore J.

Copyright 2012. This books fills in more of the backstory of Andrew J. Blackbird’s book "History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan" by referencing letters written by Andrew, interviews with people who knew Andrew, as well as utilizing an extensive list of primary sources (listed in the back of the book). Andrew’s time in OM as a blacksmith is detailed in pages 98 - 107.

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All Our Relations.
Native Struggles for Land and Life

LaDuke, Winona

Copyright 1999. The author lives on an Anishinaabeg reservation in Minnesota, where she works on land, culture, and environmental issues. This book details episodes of deforestation, land and water contamination, the loss of animal species, housing creep, waterway impacts, etc. and how this impacts the way of life for various tribes
spread throughout the US and Canada. It is a call to action toward the preservation of the environment, and how various local non-profits, spearheaded by Native Americans, are trying to make an impact.

Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan

Lantz, Raymond C.

Copyright 1991, published 2006. A good book for researching genealogy as the primary source of the contents of this book are from the 1907 census.
**Section 1 – 1870 census and annuity payment records of the Grand River, Mackinac, Sault Ste. Marie and Traverse Bands.
**Section 2 – Listing of the people identified in the 1870 census and all of their known descendants found living on 3/4/1907. Includes English name, age, sex, band name, Indian name, residence & remarks.
**Section 3 – Census of all of the children both after 3/4/1907 and prior to 8/1/1908. Contains name, sex, band, parents, birth and death (where applicable) dates, & remarks.

A History of the
Grand Traverse

Leach, M. L.

Grand Traverse Herald, 1883.
Can be accessed online at
Consists of 31 chapters - Ch 5, 6 pertain to Dougherty and the Mission

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St. Joseph's
Catholic Church
History 1850-1996

Lyon, Mary

Self published, 1996. St. Joseph's Catholic Church is located in
Mapleton, MI. History of the church, also contains a listing of the priests
that served at the church (1850's-1996), along with brief biographies.
Information on the furnishings in the church, the different church groups
(inc. a listing of the St. Joseph's Guild presidents), and statistics on
baptisms, marriages, etc.

Memories Hidden, Memories Found

Meyer, Julianne E.

Copyright 1956. Contains interviews conducted by Walter Johnson & Julianne Meyer with descendants of early residents. Divided into 4 sections: Early Years, Old Mission Community, Mapleton/Ogdensburg Community, Archie Community. Includes info on Old Mission, Resorts,
Harbors & ships, table of the 1860 census, land owner maps from 1881
& 1895, William Holdsworth diary (early pioneer).

Reflections of Yesterday

Meyer, Julianne E.

Copyright 1988. Great overview of the growth of the Peninsula. Inc.
pictures & background information on early businesses, lighthouse, fire
department, resorts, schools and students, churches, phone companies.
Lists the postmasters from 1850-1963, Directory of local farmers 1922,
advertisements from that timeframe. Landownership maps 1881, 1908,
1987. Reminiscences of early life by community members.

The Traverse region, historical and descriptive, with
illustrations of scenery and portraits and biographical
sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers

Page, H.R. & Co.

Copyright 1884. Online resource found at:
Overview of the various counties and towns in Northern Michigan, along
with mini-biographies of notable people in each county. Numerous
references to Old Mission, with great information, throughout the book
(use the provided Search functionality to locate )

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The Story of Old

Potter, Elizabeth V.

Copyright 1956. Short chapters including overviews of the geological
formation of the area, early native inhabitants, Peter Dougherty and his
Mission, early businesses in the Traverse City area, stores on the
Peninsula owned by early settlers, OM land ownership map from 1881.
Overview of Leffingwell Resort - contains some early B&W photos.
Elizabeth was a descendant of the original owner of the Resort.

The History of Education on the
Old Mission Peninsula

Rieser, Karen

Copyright 2019. A concise book on the history of education on OMP
starting with the informal education of the Odawa and Ojibwa Tribes in
the 1700's, through the evolution of one-room schoolhouses, to the OM
Elementary Charter School of 2018. Fun first-person memories of
school days are shared by Jerry Ostlund, Tim Carroll and Cal Jamieson.

Greetings from
Peninsula Home

Solomonson, Jack

Circa 1944-1946. Collection of the Peninsula News newsletters sent to
local soldiers serving during WWII and correspondence from them.

A century of service
: people and places on Old Mission Peninsula

Solomonson, Jack and Vi

Copyright 2008. Published by the owners of the Peninsula Phone
Company. A wonderful book full of photos of the families and farms of
early pioneers, along with recollections. Also includes an overview of
the phone company. Includes pictures/overviews of Peninsula schools,
sports teams, businesses, resorts and harbors.

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Sprague's history of Grand Traverse and Leelanaw counties,
Michigan : embracing a concise review of their early
settlement, industrial development and present conditions,
together with interesting reminiscences

Sprague, Elvin L.

Copyright 1903. Overview of the various counties and towns in Northern
Michigan, along with mini-biographies of notable people. Names familiar
to the Peninsula include Beers, Carroll, Dohm, Garland, Ladd, Lardie,
Rushmore, Wait.

Old Settlers of The
Grand Traverse

Wait, S. E.

Copyright 1918. Personal experiences and reminiscences of members
of the Old Settlers of Grand Traverse region. S. E. Wait was a pioneer
of the region. Originally hired to tutor the 5 man crew on the docked
schooner Madeline (p 34). He later owned and operated Waits Pioneer
Drugstore in Traverse City. The section most relevant to OM is p 10 - 20
containing brief overviews of pioneer and Indian life. Overview of TC
postal system, schools and brief biographies and stories of Old Settlers.
Can also be found online at:;vie

Architecture and site design guidelines for
the Old Mission Peninsula, Grand Traverse County, Michigan

Westphal, Joanne M.

Copyright 1997. Suggests how builders, homeowners and planning
officials might select architectural styles and lot details that protect the
unique visual characteristics of the land resource while allowing change
to occur.

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Grand Traverse Legends
Volume 1, The Early
Years, 1838 - 1860

Wilson, Robert E.

Copyright 2004. This is a marvelous compendium of the top "Who's
Who" of early Traverse City and Old Mission. Filled with photos,
biographies, and first person accounts. Of specific interest to the
* p 12-14 Peter & Maria Dougherty. OM Settler/Presbyterian Minister
* p 15-17 Lewis & Catherine Miller. OM Settler/Trader
* p 67-69 Stephen Wait - OM Settler/Farmer/Schooner Madeline
Teacher/TC Drug store owner
* p 84 William & Odelia Ayers. OM Settler/Farmer
* p 87 Windsor & Hannah Golden. OM Settler/Farmer. Namesake of the
Golden Observation Tower.
* p 88 Elisha & Mary Ladd. OM Settler/Farmer/1st school teacher after
Peninsula Twp was founded
* p 91 William & Catherine Stone. OM Settler/Farmer/1st OM
* p 107 Ann Dakin. 1st Lady Mail Carrier
* p 108 Indian Jake. 1st OM Mail Carrier

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