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Two black and white photographs of a group at the shore on Grand Traverse West Bay, 1860-1900. Marion Island is in the background.
Black and white photograph of the Apple Tree on Basset Island. Basset Island is the former name of Power Island.
Color photograph of West Bay from Bay Street, ca. 1975.
Peck postcard of Traverse Bay and Ford Island
Marion/ Bassett Island with a steamer at the dock,
Aerial photo of Power Island/Marion Island/Ford Island
Three aerial photos of Marion-Basset Island/Ford Island/Power Island.
Postcard view of Marion Island probably taken from Old Mission peninsula. (Note the American Drug advertising sign.)
Henry Ford on the dock of the We-Que-Tong Club. Ford's brother-in-law Milton Bryant owned the Grand Traverse Auto Ford dealership. Ford made many trips to Traverse City to visit and eventually owned Marion Island.
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