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Seven photo's of National Cherry Festival in same part of Front St.
(a Michigan Bell float pulled by a jeep.
(b City of Frankforts float.
(c Float # 14 with group of young people and pulled by a auto. With 2 singers in it.
(d Crawford…

Grand Traverse Cherries float in the National Cherry Festival photo from July 7 & 8. Pulled by a Farmall Cub.

Photo of float with Statute of Liberty pulled by a jeep. With Boy Scouts.

Eleven photo's of July 7 & 8 National Cherry Festival Floats, taken in the same area of Front St.
(a Float full of children pulled by a Dodge pickup.
(b Float of the "First Boat Load of Cherries shipped in 1890, pulled by Farmall Cub…

July 5, 6, 7 National Cherry Festival with the Union St. P.T.A. float pulled by a farmall cub tractor.
Black and white photograph of seven unidentified Chamber members outside in winter.
Black and white photograph of a group of men marching in the Cherry Festival parade, 1951. Maybe T.C. J.C.'s.. The Hardware store and Chamber of Commerce are in the background.
Color photograph of the Milford, Michigan, marching band at Clinch Park, 07/12/1975.
Traverse City Chamber of Commerce building.
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