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Black and white photograph of the residence of: Oscar P. Carver at the corner of State and Franklin streets. The photograph appears to have taken for Insurance purposes.
Black and white photograph of the Veteran's Wholesale Store (Beer and liquor), 547 E. 8th Street on the NW corner of Franklin Street (Formerly Sleder's store), 1963. The building was torn down in the 1970's.
Black and white photograph of the Southwest corner of Franklin and East 8th Street Businesses. A. H. Baughman. Bill Reid's Pool Room and Cigars, and a boarding house. It was once known as "Bumblebee Corners." At one point third building in was…
Aerial view of rail lines at what is now F&M Park. Looking south.
Residence of Frank Hamilton on the corner of Washington and Franklin streets. He was owner of Hamilton clothing and a director of the First National Bank.
Fritz's Service gas station, corner of 8th and Franklin streets, owned by Fred Antony.
Fritz's gas station on the S.E. corner of Eighth and Franklin streets. Owned by Fred "Fritz" Antony from 1934-1942, (now the site of Junior's tires)
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