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Black and white photograph of logs in the Boardman River headed for the Hannah Lay sawmill. Washington street is in the center of the picture and the Park Place Hotel can be seen at the far left, 1882.
Black and white photograph of the walking bridge over the Boardman River at Hannah Park. (Note the sluceway used to float logs to the sawmill downstream after the installation of the Hannah Lay Grist mill dam just up stream.)
Black and white photograph of the overview of the waterfront, Boardman River, We-Que-Tong Club and the Hannah Lay Sawmill. Picture taken from a railroad water tower.
Early in Traverse City's history, most of its able-bodied men were employed at the Hannah, Lay & Co sawmill. As a "fringe benefit," workers were allowed to help themselves to all the scrap lumber (or slabs) they wanted. Soon an entire neighborhood of…
Logs in the Boardman River at the Hannah Lay sawmill. Built in 1852.
Railroad bridge at Front Street on the bay, "Squaw Point", waterfront
Hannah Lay sawmill on West Bay. The logs were caught coming down the Boardman River and taken to the mill. This was a steam powered mill built in 1852.
Hannah and Lay sawmill on the bay with the steamer "Charlevoix" coming through the ice to reach the dock.
J.J. Fay, Jr. & Co. Dock and Yards. Fay purchased the Hannah Lay mill on the Boardman River at the bay in 1887.
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