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Crowd watching the motor boat races on the bay. Newspaper of 1907 recorded a motor boat race and a visit by a large car ferry from Northport. The ferry offered rides to the crowds of people.
Black and white photograph of 8 people sitting on the deck of the Wequetong Club during a picnic on April 26, 1915. In the front row from left to right: unknown woman, Ruth Petertyl and Grace Petertyl. In the back row from left to right: unknown…
Black and white photograph of the overview of the waterfront, Boardman River, We-Que-Tong Club and the Hannah Lay Sawmill. Picture taken from a railroad water tower.
Photo of boat on Boardman River near We-Que-Tong Club
A Post card addressed to Mrs. Mary E. Thirlby of Chicago post marked May 25, 1908. The post card is from her grand daughter name unknown. The scene on the front is titled "Winter Sports on Grand Traverse Bay". The scene depicts ice boats skating on…
A membership card for the We-Que-Tong Club, a social club located on the beach near the outlet of the Boardman River.
Two children in a rowboat probably on West Bay, perhaps at the Wequetong Club. Two extremely cute children enjoying the sunshine on West bay, ca 1945. After the chill of the last few days we can certainly feel winsome about the warm day they seem to…
Campers on the shore of West Bay with boats. We-Que-Tong club in the background.
The We-que-tong Club located on West Bay at the mouth of the Boardman River.
Booklet by Orson W Peck, circa 1910. Pictures of: State Bank, M & NE Depot, We-que-tong club, Library, School, State Hospital
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